29 April 2009

Online Account

I have an online account in my mobile phone to check my ATM account balance instantly. I check first my balance before I go to the bank to withdraw my money.In my surprise my money is in six digits.I was shocked! I go to the nearest ATM machine to check my balance but it is really true.I didn't tell anyone.I did not withdraw the money.I go to the bank where the ATM card opened.I know that it's only an error because I don't have such kind of money.I talk to the bank personnel regarding my concern.Really a blunder! They merit my honesty by giving a piece of pen and mug!


I read a newspaper that SM Mall will have a job fair this coming May 01 ( Friday). I am sure that many job seekers will go there.Some will have window shopping.I haven't experienced joining a job fair maybe this time I will try.I will bring my friends. If we don't have luck for the job ,then go for window shopping to relax.But,I am still hoping that I can find a job that double my earnings or a job that has no recession.


I call the customer service today for the disconnection of telephone.I need some information before I go to the office to pay my bill.I forgot the contract.The customer service told me "It was written in the contract that subscribers will pay the disconnection of 2,000peso if the subscription will terminate before 12 months."The company is safe in contract.I feel irritated paying unfair the telephone bill but I have no choice. I cannot run away my debt.huhuhu

27 April 2009

Telephone Bill

I am distress to see our telephone bill.I notice mobile calls which is strange to me. I ask all the people in the house if they know the mobile number but no body knows.The mobile calls added my bill amount twice.I am really mad.I get the mobile number and dial it every hour.Unfortunately,it was always out of coverage area but I am still hoping that I can trace who is the owner of that number.It takes me three days before I contact the number.I dial it and it ring.I call the number and the guy answer me.I ask his name and location.He told me that "He is my cousin boyfriend." I ask him " Are you still studying?".He answered "I already stop!" .I cut the call because I am angry and I don't like to get mad when I am at work.After work, I go home and have my dinner.Then, I get the telephone bill and ask my cousin again if she know the number.At this time,she smiles at me and did not talk.I get her mobile phone and dial the number.The mobile number is in her phone book so she cannot deny to me anymore.I am pathetic because I am not expecting anyone especially her (my cousin) to fool me. I hate liar! I have two options to disconnect the telephone subscription or let this girl go home to the province.

Do you Make Brewed Coffee at home?

Waking up early in the morning with a smell of freshly brewed coffee is better.Everybody in the house love coffee in the morning.I use brewed coffee at home because it is much flavorsome.I have a coffee maker turns out to be busted.
Here are some experiences that I could share how my coffee maker frustrates me and how I fixed it.

1.Coffee has a vinegary taste.

If you encountered like this I am sure you did not rinse the machine properly after descaling.You have to rinse the machine thoroughly by brewing water without coffee grounds.

2.Coffee maker sputters and brews coffee slowly

The reason is lime scale deposits form in the vents of the machine causing it to get clogged so it takes longer time to brew.Descaled your machine !

3.Coffee does not stay warm

This is my unforgettable experience having a coffee a maker.I did not notice that the warming plate of my coffee maker is not working.I thought housemates get a coffee thinking that it was newly replenish water.But, I was wrong because they also ask me why coffee is not hot.As a lesson "Do not leave your machine ON for long periods of time because it can cause heater failure."

26 April 2009

Stiff Neck

I wake up in the morning with pain.My routine early in the morning is to open the window and comb my nice hair .Then go downstairs to watered my plants.After that, I will cook for breakfast.Today, I don't have a pleasant day! I wake up around 5am but I cannot move my head because my neck is sore.I try to do exercise turn it left and right even if pain.I remember that I am tired and sleepy last night. So,I did not notice that my position in bed is not good .I guess , I stick in one position only the whole night.That's why I suffer a stiff neck today.

What Should I Do?

I often save file in my mobile phone.It is convenient to have usb cable where ever you go.I use usb cable to transfer files from computer to my mobile phone. I save pictures and games also.I notice my phone often hang so I move the files and games to usb. I think months past mother send me a message that she cannot call me.I was amazed because my mobile phone is okay.I borrow my friend mobile phone to dial my number unfortunately it was true.My number is always busy.I bring my phone to motorola repair center but they told me it is not defective. I go home. I scan it thinking that it was infected by virus.It was detected two virus and removed easily.I borrow my friend mobile phone again.I try if the problem was already fixed.I feel distress because my mobile number is still unreachable :-( oh..! I don't want to buy a new mobile phone.I am out of budget for new gadgets.I don't know what shoud I do.My last option is to visit network provider office or just change my sim card...

Trick Yourself in Saving

Saving money is not fun at first but once you make it a habit you will want more.right?I cannot save money from my salary.It is not enough until next payday.whew! The reason is my credit card debt.I am cashless shopper in a mall.I know this is not a good habit but I am tempted to get sale items every time I shop.Do you want to know what I did ? I save all my payout in blogging and pay all debt in my credit card.When, I get paid no more burden and worries keep on my mind.Every payday, I can set aside 500pesos for savings which is not bad to save 1000 pesos monthly.My trick is not to bring credit card when shopping.I list down my needs before I go to the mall.I realize that money is easy to spend but difficult to salt away if you will not track your expenses or define your needs and wants.

24 April 2009


I try to apply online as part time teacher (home based teaching job). I am not an education graduate but I am confident that employer will contact me for an interview.lol.I submitted my resume and application letter in a teaching online website.After a week, I receive a text message from a Korean employer.I feel happy but nervous because I have no idea if they ask me teaching strategy online.I e-mail my available time for interview.The interview is thru skype.whew! That was my first time to use skype.I had 30 mins online interview.The korean guy (interviewer) spoke english fluently.He ask me "Why do you like to teach?" ..I remember what I told to my mother when she convinced me to take up education.I told her "Nanay, I hate to teach." Life is unpredictable.I know my interview assessment is not good.Anyway,it was a brilliant experience in switching a career path!

Do you want a Part time Job?

I am looking a part time job online that will not conflict my work schedule. I wanted to teach online but the job does not fit me because I don't have teaching experience. I am a very patient person in searching for a job. I found a site that make money without suffering my work schedule.This is not a selling site.You do not need to invest or to sell a product.Anyways, I do not have talent in selling :-) but I earn this site. If you want to be a member simply click earn part time job and register. This is only free all you have to do is browse and read to know more about how to make extra income.

Shared Internet Connection

What is a router? This is a device that forwards data packets along networks.My housemate told me that we will contribute money to buy a router so that we can have more than one internet connection in the house without increasing monthly bill.I had a doubt if the connection is fast like before.Still we try to have a router.My housemate can use her
laptop now, mine is desktop and the guy is i pod.The connection slow down if we use the internet together.

Do you Know your Ring Size?

If you purchase a ring online identify your ring size first because it is costly to return your item.I have a ring but I don't know my ring size because when I buy the item in a jewelry shop, I personally chose the design and fit the ring.I did not ask anymore my ring size to the sales lady.How about if you shop a jewelry online and you didn't know your ring size? What will you do?There is no need to worry.I will teach you how to find your ring size while shopping online.Simply get a tape measure or any measuring gadget using millimeters.Measure your finger and watch your guide:

  • Size 4 - 14.8 mm
  • Size 5- 15.7 mm
  • Size 6 - 16.5 mm
  • Size 7 - 17.3 mm
  • Size 8 - 18.2mm
  • Size 9 - 18.9 mm
  • Size 10 - 19.8mm
  • Size 11 - 20.6 mm
  • Size 12 - 21.3 mm
  • Size 13 - 22.2 mm


I am in frame of mind to open my blog early.The first thing, I read was shout mix.Then my page rank.My blog maintain PR2 and I am very happy for it.Today,I feel so sad that my page rank is back to zero.I don't have enough idea of ranking a blog post.How about you guys?Can you share something to me?

21 April 2009

Happy April

April is the month of family celebration.
It is a Fiesta Celebration in my hometown!


Me and Mother's birthday!


The puppies grow fast.They have already teeth that's why doggy bite them if they suck for milk.
I feed them a portion of food only. I enjoy looking at them eating even though they are quiet messy :-)

20 April 2009

The Dat Extension

Do you notice the different file extension post in my blog?I hope so. Because it is has different purpose in terms of file saving.The latest one is File Extension Dat several ordinary computer users will not encounter or notice dat extension.I am trying to look forward browsing the site to educate myself a bit in using computer programs.It is a burden if we delete useful programs in a computer.If we talk about files ,computer programs and virus is in my mind.What is File Extension Dat?The file extension dat is used by such variety of programs and applications that keeping track of them all.So, a dat file extension is a generic data file that is created by specific application.Be careful in deleting files because a dat file are text based and can be viewed by opening a Microsoft windows! What is the importance of file extension dat?If you open a folder in operating system different file format will pop up in your computer sometimes it is confusing.Using file extension dat you can only open a file with its corresponding program.The stored information can be access using its specific program only .There is no need to puzzle in opening a file.

But, I know you gonna encountered problem in opening file sometimes it is annoying if computer will crashed down.There is an anti-virus that will restart or place your operating system in safe mode.If you browse file extension dat do not forget to download a free scan driver.The driver detective is a free download that will update and scan your driver instantly.This will also protect your computer from unwanted virus which slows down in downloading file.

19 April 2009

It get Hot

I unfreeze the refrigerator about one hour.I clean using baking soda powder to put off foul odor.Tata told me to put a charcoal inside the refrigerator to avoid bad odor from stored food
After, cleaning I notice the refrigerator is very very hot in all side.I unplug it.Let it cool down for an hour.Then, I plug it again but still it is hot all day! I thought it was already defective! I told people in the house not to open the refrigerator for two days.I notice it cool down.It's summer so refrigerator should not be frequently open to avoid hot atmosphere.

17 April 2009

Hakot Award

Chelle of etcetera etcetera gave me this bunch of awards. Thanks a lot sweetie for always remembering me and for being a friend that never fails to remind me that having wonderful friends around makes life worthwhile and exciting everyday! You can also visit her site RoseObstacles.Enjoy!

It's made specially for all the blogs spreading kawaii-ness!!

Kawaii-ness is all about loving all things kawaii, being kawaii ourself and definitely being able to add kawaii-ness in everything, its all in our creativity!!
- Good.Girl

The simple rules that go with it are:
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7. Have Fun!!

Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Clarissa
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4. Persons you tagged - everyone in my list
I Love your Blog Award

The Blogger Award

The rules are so easy:

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I am sharing this awards to all the wonderful friend-bloggers that I met here : sweetpinay; ria ; lassylicious; Chelle ; AnaGore ; Sheng ; Grace .Hakutin nyo na lahat nya.Para sa inyo yan.Have a Nice Day!

15 April 2009

Quick Cash

Do you need a quick cash?Lending near my place offer a quick cash loan today to overseas workers.I was amazed a lot of people setting,standing and waiting in the lending office along my way home.I see my former workmate standing.She called me.I ask her what they are waiting for?She said " I avail the quick cash loan offered for OFW".They only need passport and some papers to support that you are an OFW.The payment will be monthly plus 20% interest.My flight to Riyadh will be this week,she added.oh well,This lending could help too.

Laptop Protection

I want to share some tips how to take care on laptop.

  • Shield your laptops from bumps and bruises by getting a laptop bag.
  • If you are not sure whether your laptop has WIFI,just look for the WIFI badge.All laptops must have wireless capabilities.
  • Choose an appropriate hard drive.A good 40GB will do for word processing and spreadsheets jobs.If you want to stock up movies and music get on with at least 160GB.
  • Remember to back up your data from time to time using your laptop DVD drive because you will never know when your hard drive might crash.

13 April 2009

Connect to Chat

Do you love chatting?Do you have a yahoo messenger?If this is your mean to connect your friends online,why don't you try to register your mobile phone and enjoy chatting everywhere! Yes, we can chat now anywhere everywhere with out bringing personal computer.How? Simply check this site and register.Go to connect to chat.Enjoy!

Phony Phone

I have seen flip mobile phone nearby the market along my way home.There are group of vendor sitting beside the aisle.I notice one mom buy a mobile phone for her child.I guess the child is in grade school only.When, the mom left I try to ask the vendor how much is the mobile phone?He told me 300pesos.wow!You can send message here and it has also games! He added.owss! I guess it will be wreck easily because they do not give warranty to the buyer.

12 April 2009

What is a DOT?

Did you upgrade your Microsoft word from 2003 to 2007?Computer now is on Microsoft word 2007.isn't it?Let me introduce to you file extension dot. What is dot? DOT stands for document template. Microsoft word files has a dot extension.What is this for? This use as templates for creating other word documents through word for windows 2003 and word for mac 2004.The word 2007 use dotm format to differentiate it from 2003.If you encounter doc files don't be confuse.They are just the same.However,If you save your file using file extension dot you can also use templates from other files.This are file on other computer using pre -2007 word or it is called generic word processor file.If you are using word 2007 or 2003 no need to worry if your file will be save or not.I assure it will be keep safe on your computer.

But,sometimes we encounter error on our files.The common error I experience is corrupted files.I bothered a lot.The file extension dot will save everything in our documents.why? There is a free registry scan and booster to fix all the errors.How about if your computer slow down or crashed because of different files save?I will recommend driver detective to solve your computer problems or error.This is a free download only.Guys, file extension dot is free to explore.The beauty in here is you can add even small applications like visual basic.It's time to browse and learn!

Happy Easter to ALL!

I plan to attend the Easter Sunday mass in the morning.I wake up around 4 am to prepare myself.I have already heard noise outside.I am sure my neighbor will go to church also.I forgot , I don't have coins for my fare in the tricycle tsk...tsk..I knock the other room to ask coins.Sadly, my cousin was already left the house.He has duty at work.I go back in bed.I decided to have a mass this afternoon.Since, I can't sleep anymore.I open my blog and buzz every body a "HAPPY EASTER"!

10 April 2009

Eucalyptus Oil

I buy a eucalyptus oil on my way home.I observe various vendor of herbal medicine or oil along the church during holy week.One small bottle is only 10pesos.This is cheaper compared to drug store.I use this to massage my tiring legs after work.

Church Visit

It's Good Friday!
Early in the morning,I prepare myself going to lolo Uweng in San Pedro Laguna ( just like Nazareno in Quiapo Church) .This is my second visit.I am not sure where will I drop by because the church is not along the road.In the jeep the two oldest are talking about Lolo Uweng.I am pretty sure that they are devotee .I follow them as they go down in the jeep.whew! There are bunch of devotee falling in line to see the coffin.What I did is.I buy a candle and join the devotee too.It is organized so the church is not crowded.

9 April 2009


Call Center industry demands also slow down in the midst of financial crisis.The newbie call center in sta rosa laguna layoffs over 600 people.This call center offer a good benefits to the worker.Where will we go? Food company,pharmaceuticals slow down a bit but I have not heard any layoff or recession.The goldilucks food company still hire factory worker.Recently, they are looking an artist and equipment technicians.The risk here is agency hold the deployment. No more direct hiring!

Bored Sting

One week is over, I am totally bored in the house.It is not easy to stay in the house doing nothing.oh well, aside from household chores my back get stiff setting down waiting someone to come and talk to me hehehe...My working schedule is very busy for the past months.Although, I feel tired going to work everyday my joints never get pain.My tendon is sore and ankle swell a bit now.ooh...I am afraid of arthritis.I guess this is a symptom just like my mother.It is good now that mother starting to recover her arthritis.She avoid eating meat,oily food.She eat more on green leafy vegetables ,fish and fruits.She already stop taking steroid medicine which the only thing can relieve the pain.I hate arthritis for being in a generation next :-) I need exercise before its too late!

Incentives for Renewable Energies

We receive sun power clips by mail.Sunpower Stock Prices is getting worst.Capital in solar panel modules lowered from $33 dollars to $28dollars because of severe decline in average selling price.whew! How can we secure ourselves for better sun power by next quarter?It is hard to predict the economy.isn't it?
But for sun power business clips .President was already signed renewable energy law that " Power Plants in the Philippines using renewable source of energy will be exempt from income tax for the first 7 years of operation.After those seven years of operation the company will pay a reduced tax rate of 10%.By 2010,the country wants to cover 60% of its energy demand with its own renewable resources."this is a good news for investor and solar company.


Sunpower Philippines declared recession this quarter.In our communication meeting the management guarantee us that no layoffs will happen in sunpower family.I hope so.We do understand the situation because one of our customer back out already because the company was not gaining profit anymore.Sunpower oversupply of product is a big inventory that increased by almost 30%.Research and Development Department is working a new cell technology to compete sunpower in the solar market based on high quality and efficiency.Everybody is still hoping that we will survive and win the crisis.

8 April 2009

Moss Fence

I was walking alone in Techno park (industrial park in Laguna) to look for a job. My legs are already tired walking a long road.I set down in front of the glass factory to wait for the jeep that round the park.I am like journalist or reporter that always bring my digi cam where ever I go.I notice the factory fence was already covered with grass.It look nice so I capture an image!I am frustrated photographer.lol.

Souvenir Collection

There are also souvenirs to buy if you visit Dr.Jose Rizal House.They are good collections like small pot with Jose Rizal name,shirts ,key chain etc.

Historical Tour

Dr.Jose Rizal is national Philippine hero from Calamba Laguna .My place is one ride away from Dr.Jose Rizal ancestral house.I visit and tour the house.The house was already renovated but it is still in historic icon.

Dr.Jose Rizal bedroom

Dining table.

Dining near his parents bedroom.

Their kitchen.I remember our kitchen in the province when I am still young it looks like this.We don't have stove.

His parents portrait in the bedroom

School Search

My cousin and I inquire technical school yesterday.We visit Rizal College Technical School and Anihan Technical School.I want her to take up Food and beverages which she also like.We call her step brother to help finance her expenses in school.She like in Anihan School.It is three rides away from home but the tuition fee is free provided she gonna pass the entrance exam.This school is exclusive only for women.The environment is good.

I took picture of this plant on school yard.It is nice!

6 April 2009

Personalized Stuffs

Do you like personalized stuffs like putting your name in a mug or cups?If I receive personalized stuffs from a friend or relatives it is very overwhelming.I remember during my college days.I handed personalized stuffs to all my classmates so that they will not forget me.I gonna give you a site for personalized gifts this is a place for all your stationery needs.You don't need to worry of paying additional charge for inks lines.The embroidered stuff cost only 10dollars.It is cheap!For psa essentials ink stamp you can chose your design and logo.The embosser which is 1.46inches will give a great impression.This is good if you have printing press business or you want to promote a product.If you want a personalized ink stamp you can ask to put your logo.I am planning to order stuffs for the christening of my niece.The shipping price is a good deal.They only charge 6.75 dollars or 325pesos no matter how much you order.As I browse this site ,I really like the designs of their personalized stuffs.If you have boyfriend or girlfriend and confused what to give during your month sary or anniversary no need to bother.I guarantee that if you give him/her personalized items it is awesome!This is the best site for celebration and giving of gifts.



The conficker worm as naomi post in her blog is a nasty computer virus.I have also heard a news regarding this conficker worm last April Fools Day.We did not open computer the whole day.The very clever and intellegient person who made this virus will be popular ( who is he o she ? ) not because of what she done.The sense here is everybody was scared in this conficker worm.To prevent computer from virus we should not open unknown file send in our e-mails or download unrecognized websites.When using usb or disk it will be safe to scan first before opening files.I think this will help.Technology generate fast so it is better to update ourselves too.

Resize your Pictures

I wanted to re size picture for my entrecard size 125x125 pixels. I don't know how to re size with equal horizontal and vertical size.It is kinda funny because my high school cousin teach me to do it.She teach me how to use stretch / skew.oh well, It is easy to directly save and re size pictures using this method.

Job Scams

Are you looking for job opportunity online?Beware of Job Scams ! Some scammers send e-mail to applicant offering a job opportunity for foreign country with good deal.This just like my workmate experience.The scenario goes like this: My workmate is very patience in browsing online job abroad.If she is qualify the job she automatically send her resume and letter of intent without taking down the agency.One day she receive an e-mail from a company in UK.The message says" Your resume was qualified and passed our job requirements."To complete your application kindly accomplish the form( attach form)."So, my workmate filled up the form with joy and submit.The next day she receive a Job Order plus salary and benefits agreement.The second form is the work permit ( Visa application) indicating there that she gonna pay $150 dollars.If the visa will be approve the money will be refund to her.There is also a contact number in UK office and contact person for processing of Visa.I had a doubt as I read the mails.Since, it is company recession already in the Philippines my workmate feel she is lucky than us for having the unexpected opportunity.She pay thru credit card the 150dollars for visa.She receive a receipt for the money.Convincing! But, as months pass she did not get any update via e-mail anymore.So, she call the contact person (I forgot the name ) but it was already out of coverage area.Last option is a long distance call to the company.Unfortunately,the job hiring offered to her is for UK resident only and confirmed that the contact person is not connected in the agency.Beware!

Graduation Day

Finally this girl was already graduated in high school.The graduation day start at 7am in a gymnasium.The rain get worst until the graduation ceremony finished.I took picture of Liezel favorite teacher and classmates too.I gonna print pictures to be send in the province.I am sure her father will be happy to see it!

Kitty Meow

I took this picture in front of the house.My puppy woof when she see kitty walking near the dog house.This kittens are pet of my neighbor.They already move to other subdivision and left the cats.The cats are roving around to look for food.I feed them also when I give food to puppy.But, puppy get jealous ! She make noise and keep jumping and jumping inside the dog house.The kittens was already adopted by my new neighbor now.cute lucky kittens!

4 April 2009


Do you love to travel? My hometown is a very peaceful island in Bili ran surrounded by beautiful beaches.If you want to visit my place expect that you gonna cross the sea for almost two hours.The picture above is a passenger pump boat from Naval to Maripipi Island.As the pump boat crosses you can see islet and beautiful beaches.I really miss a lot to travel.It's been two years that I have not visited my hometown :-(

3 April 2009

Road Traffic

I am exhausted along my way home because of the heavy traffic especially near the church.There are lots of people present the fireworks display in the plaza.I have notice some. Everybody enjoy.There is also a band and guest in the affair.It takes two hours before I arrived home. whew!

2 April 2009

Get Organize

It is difficult to organize and edit a bunch of files at work.Computer system crashed or slow down in saving a big file.I will teach you how to organize your file and edit easily.First go to this site File Extension SYS you will notice immediately that your file was group accordingly.Another thing I like in this page is "security".The File Extension sys will ask you a password anything you open in the system.I am a secretive person so this site is best for me.I do not let anyone to access my personal documents.I used File Extension system so that I am updated the memory of my hard disk.Since every file save correspond a size description.I am sure that all files are keep safely.

The File Extension Sys allow only the user with the same password to edit pages in your web.This means you can only edit your web pages unless you share your password to your friend or relatives.You can use Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard or programs which is very useful in publishing and editing your file.To know more about just click File Extension Sys.This site is free just browse ,learn and apply.

1 April 2009


I need to wake up tomorrow early because it's my cousin (liezel) graduation day.I am obliged because no one will attend her graduation.Her father was in the province not to mention her mother because we don't know where she is right now and it is a long story why she left the house and did not came back.I feel glad of my cousin.I hope she can pass the scholarship program in technical school or else she cannot study this school year.I have to cross my fingers for it.I wish her good luck!

I need good schedule

I inquire the free training program in TESDA last Monday.I wake up at 4am so that I can catch up the outgoing shuttle of the company in Alabang route.I need to save for my fare,it's manufacturing recession!It takes me three rides from Laguna to Taguig.The place has good environment.The receptionist in the Language Skills Department is very kind and approachable.I sign up an assessment form unfortunately she told me that I am not qualified for the course.huh?I am sure that my qualification fit the scholarship requirements.I ask why?she said " You are working,and our class schedule here is from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm."wow! I cannot adjust my time schedule.The company give us a shifting rotation working scheme.I feel sad.She told me if my workplace is not far I can study and stay in at TESDA.