1 April 2009

I need good schedule

I inquire the free training program in TESDA last Monday.I wake up at 4am so that I can catch up the outgoing shuttle of the company in Alabang route.I need to save for my fare,it's manufacturing recession!It takes me three rides from Laguna to Taguig.The place has good environment.The receptionist in the Language Skills Department is very kind and approachable.I sign up an assessment form unfortunately she told me that I am not qualified for the course.huh?I am sure that my qualification fit the scholarship requirements.I ask why?she said " You are working,and our class schedule here is from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm."wow! I cannot adjust my time schedule.The company give us a shifting rotation working scheme.I feel sad.She told me if my workplace is not far I can study and stay in at TESDA.

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