31 July 2009

Are you still using an Old Excel Version?

In the company some computers are already upgraded to Microsoft office 2007. I preferred to use excel 1993 because it is simpler than 2007.In the computer laboratory I pick a desktop which is still in 1993 in making my report.My files are in excel for easy computation of number.I usually create graphs to illustrate the figure.I save it without checking the compatibility mode of the file.I am not aware of doing such thing.The important is I save my report that's all.The meeting day come it is my turn to show my charts. gosh!Some of my chart was missing! I decided to borrow a laptop with Microsoft or Excel 2007.I observe that if I used excel 2007 and open it to excel 1993 it does not work but if a file is in excel 1997 and open it to excel 2003 some figures are missing especially charts.It is safe to save the file in excel 93-2007 compatibility to work both in opening a file.

29 July 2009

Transfer New Pages to your Blog

I have three blog site which talk different topics.The yub-personal page aim to post personal pages because of busy schedule I do not have enough time to update my newbie blog.I decided to import the post in Filipina blog. I am trying to figure things out how to transfer all the post directly to my existing blog.I have writtem 37 post if I move it one by one it takes time for me. I try to import the pages.This is now "Filipina Mixed Page".I have already deleted "yub-personal page" to avoid confusion of my blog site.
Here are simple steps how to move your post directly to another blog:

Import Into an Existing Blog

To import posts and comments into an already existing blog, start by clicking Import Blog from the existing blog's Settings | Basic tab.

Note: Your template will not be affected by the imported content.

Next, choose a Blogger export file (.xml) from your hard drive and fill out the word verification beneath. By default, all of your imported posts will remain unpublished until you publish them from your dashboard later. However, if you would rather have all posts published immediately, make sure to check the box next to Automatically publish all imported posts before you click Import Blog.

If you did not choose to have your posts publish automatically, you will need to manually publish them from the Posting | Edit Posts tab before they will appear on the web. You can either publish all the posts at once by clicking Publish all imported posts, or publish individual posts by selecting them and then clicking Publish Selected.

Before, doing this try to export first your blog. Simply, save your existing blog in .xml file.Then follow the steps above.

27 July 2009

Import Blog

I have import my post from my newbie blog.I do not have enough time to update my blog.I need to focus things in my life beyond work and off duty.I do not want to put down my hobby in blogging.I will missed people which inspire me to become a blogger.I enjoy being a blogger.I have also change my blog title to "Filipina Mixed Page" .Since,I have already added post which does not link up my aim in Filipina blog.This blog is now a mixed page which talks personal,technology,internet,experiences,society,lifestyles etc...really a diverse page.You may enjoy reading my post below.

Work Experience

Historical Tour

Friends Wedding

Work Experience

Being the eldest and youngest of the family is not easy.As you grown up you gonna take responsibility which others didn't think about it.When I finish my study my cousin told me "I am lucky because I don't have brother nor sister to support " in short I have less task in life than them.."If you gonna work you can enjoy your salary,buy what you want like new dress,gadgets,shoes etc.." she added.That is what in my mind too when I am still in school.But,as I started working I can say that is not true! why ? because, it is hard to spend your own money buying such material thing.That's me! I do know the others unica hija/hijo .I gonna share my first job experience in a plastic factory which inspire and give me lesson.

Since, I am just new in Luzon I don't have much idea the place where I will apply.I have heard that Laguna had Industrial Park where I can submit my resume walk in .So, with my friend we arrived Laguna.The people are very hospitable.On our way to Laguna Technopark we met a guy from Cebu being a "BISAYA" he guide us and He bring us to the other Two Industrial Park .He treat us a lunch :-) it was really a great day! To make the story short.Me and my friend was interviewed as a quality control inspector and turn to production operator because they said (HR personnel) that operator is the only available position.We both ( me & friend ) decided to try for work because we don't have allowance for looking a job anymore.We both hire without exam and medical test.Not just they see us healthy but because they need a worker for mass production delivery before the year end.

I started my job immediately.I call my parents I get a job easily.The two both are happy for me.My first day is orientation.Second day, I was assigned to wipe the stock product ,pack and put in a box .Before 6:00 pm each of us clean the area (map the floor and trash the garbage)..huh..they don't have cleaners.I look at my friend she know what I was trying to say and told me "this is just a test,tomorrow we will not do this anymore" ,Third Day,we had machine specs orientation and operation .We did the three days training, all are fine and we met friends.On the second week, we are assigned to machine and shifting schedule.Unfortunately,me and Divine (my friend)had split in shift schedule.I feel sad but she told me again " we have to be patience and just think that we gonna have money this 15th of the month " .As I started my shifting duty,I was orient again in my responsibilities which is to operate the machine, pack the produce parts,file up in a box,sealed and placed in a cart.whew!! I am thinking how could I do that all things and met my quota :-( I keep running ,going back and forth for twelve hours, because the machine speed is fast and I need to pack the produce parts or else it will drop on the floor.For one week ,I notice my ankle swell but it was not painful so no need to bother.All I complain is my legs I can't stand up easily.When, I arrived home I sleep no time to watch television.

For two weeks,I told myself "This is not the job I want" My career path in the engineering field will not be worth if I continue working here". I wait for my payday.I did not call to parents for complaint because the only thing they say is "go home,study again in education,pass the board exam,teach and work in the province"well, that is good too but I want myself to be independent and had a challenging life so I cannot blame them for what ever adversity I had in my journey .My first salary is two thousand peso.Divine (my friend) and I decided to resign and look for another job.I go home first to my hometown for personal reason.Divine apply for a new job.When, I came back I printed many resume.I apply again both online and walk in.I was hired two good company one in a food company where I was assigned in a quality assurance department.The other one is Denim company as a laboratory tester.I enjoy my job, the people are friendly.But, the saddest part is they don't hire regular employee anymore.

September 2005,I was hired in a solar company.Thanks to Divine ,she is the one who submitted my resume and recommend me.I try my best to pass the trainings and exams ( medyo madami kasi).The training was great and all my colleagues are also engineering in field.Basically, I enjoy working with them.After,six months I was already a regular employee.

23 July 2009

One Girl

I finally met tata sister.Tata has four siblings three boys and one girl.I ask my workmate the exact direction in going to Sta.Mesa Manila.She handed me a clear note to reached the place.The sister decided to met us at SM Sta Mesa because it is only walking distance from her boarding house.The sister missed tata a lot.We treat her in Pizza hut with my favorite pizza flavor.lol.I got envy of the two because the sister is sweet to his brother.I wish to have siblings too :-)

22 July 2009

Watch and Relax

I am an avid viewer of teleserye in ABS-CBN " Tayong Dalawa" .I also watch "SNN" hosted by Kris and Boy.I like them as a partner.I like the way they talk and deal on screen touchy showbiz issue .The two are both smart.I love watching drama today because the story is nice.I feel snug sitting in the sofa after dinner while watching television before going to bed. If I fall asleep late it is good also to watch "The wedding" .I can relate some lines and reminisce my past relationship.The line of a girl who is deeply in love to a man secretly.The episode last week makes me cry.lol.The part that " The girl is truly in love with the guy although she keeps hiding it to her friends but she step down of her pride just to reconcile to the guy in her mistake" .She is just using the guy for her parents sake of squaring off and ask for attention.I cannot testify clearly because I did watch the show daily but I know everybody will appreciate the thought of the story!

Solar in the Future

I am grumpy person in different ways.I feel lazy .I deem to be hardworking both home and work.This week is a very relaxing work duty for me. I am not bored . I am in mood to browse and read company latest news in intranet.I also take a look some training materials read a bit ,go to the next topic and scan update of our process control. I have browse some nice pictures and save it in my folder and post in the blog ( pictures attached ).The great look of pile up solar panels installed in different countries show that company grow successful over a year. But, it has nothing to do with salary increase neither growth of senior workers career path . I just like only the capture of the solar panels how it could bring to the clean and green environment in the future.well, It has a big part in protecting our ozone layer.I feel excited of company's goal in installing gigawatts of solar panel in the next years to come.I hope the investors will continue to support solar company in the Philippines out of illegal issues on job responsibilities of some Filipino worker happened in the past quarter of the company.I know they still believe that most Filipinos are hardworking,honest and good individual so the management fired out those people that can bring down our name. Happy processing to all my spml colleagues!

18 July 2009


I have plan to invest a business.I am thinking of a food cart or photo copier.My best choice is a food cart.I know people cannot live without food.lol.It is a Filipino culture to full the stomach. My friend send me a site of food cart package price to start the business.The renewal fee of business and tax is a risk because it is yearly.I have search online for food cart packages too.There are advertisers who offer lowest price of food cart package without franchise fee.oh well, it is nice to negotiate this kind of offer. Hope it is not an scam!

16 July 2009

The Dictionary

Learning is continuous if you want.right?Our speaker in English training says " if you want to enhance your vocabulary you have to know at least five new words a day in a dictionary" .it could help too! Because of busy work schedule and taking care family we cannot do that anymore.isn't it?good for students and writers.For me it is also good to learn foreign language.I am interested to become skilled in speaking and writing at least one foreign language.In TESDA they offer free training for foreign languages like Arabic,mandarin,french and Spanish. I have already posted some topics in my previous post regarding Tesda Foreign language training.You can check out at Free Training in my site.I feel sad that my schedule does not fit to avail this opportunity.What I have done is I buy an English - Mandarin -Cantonese -Tagalog dictionary in the bookstore.This is my interest of learning so I look a complete package dictionary to help me understand the meaning of different words and how it is read.I hope I am doing the right track of pronunciation.lol.If I gonna have a chance to enroll in Tesda the better so that I can correct my mistake and to learn also the accent of speaking.It is expensive to enroll a foreign language.I have inquire one foreign language training center near my place 30hours is 10,000pesos tuition fee including training materials that was for mandarin only.The free training in Tesda really helps a lot !If some you get interest of learning foreign language free just visit tesda taguig for schedule of training.

Trash is Money

Do you keep your trash of plastic or glass bottles, cans, old news papers etc. at home? In the house, I keep all recyclable trash in the cabinet.I tell my housemates to put those things in the cabinet. If I buy my groceries I pick glass bottle of soy sauce , cooking oil ,vinegar etc. because if I will not use it again I will kept in the cabinet.In the gated community there are guys who round our area to buy recyclable trash every weekend.I have already sold trash in the house it make money . The glass bottle and metal cans has higher price compared to plastic bottles.The plastic trash is only 4pesos per kilo.I earn almost 30 pesos a month not bad.right?trash is money !

Another Challenge

Switching a career path is not easy to decided.As a factory worker in engineering position it is tough to leave the environment in the fabrication place.I will miss the chemical fumes that I exhale and inhale inconspicuously inside the manufacturing.lol.My peers that inspire me for years.The special man that I found and change my life.lol.The sleepless nights of working inside the fabrication area.The coffee time in the vendo machine with some guys.The time that I fall asleep in the computer table while working.oh well, I am just thinking those things that I will missed up if I change my path as an educator.I have already receive a mail from UP open university that I am qualified to take the course of PTC.I will be a working student in the second semester.whew!I am ready what ever ups and downs it may bring in my life.I make up this decision because I do not want myself to grow old as a factory worker because if it happens I will not be productive and defy of doing my job.why? It is because someday I have a family and kids to take care ! I hope so :-) Wish me luck guys!

Earn Money in Blogging

My first blog FILIPINA is a mixed and personal blog.I have post things in my interest to share with other people.I do not mind if my readers like my writings or not.The important is the thought that I impart in my post.I feel happy if I receive comments from blogger that they like my writings whether it is true or not.I know that somebody visited my blog.I continue blogging and make another blog the HAPINOY.I join my blog in a paid sites.This is a challenging part for me because I do not have a good English grammar.I try my best to correct my mistakes and finish my task easily.I earn money in blogging not a big amount but it can help.The paid site that frustrate me to continue blogging is payperpost.why? Because,they keep sending back my post to correct my grammar.Challenging! yes,but sometimes frustrating if the paid site will send you a mail that your blog did not pass the quality they are looking for.isn't it?This is what happen to my membership in payperpost.I join to different paid sites and continue to update my blog.My blog still make money even if they reject it.After a couple of months I receive a mail from payperpost thay they consider again my blog.I feel happy about it.I join again in PayPerPost to avail opportunity.The more paid site the more chances to get a task.Guys,gals if you have an experience like me you can still join PayPerPost improve your writings and aim to have a tasks.Enjoy and have Fun in blogging!

Sunday Journey

I am exhausted last Sunday for 24hours awake .I am in the night shift duty every weekend.My day off is Sunday morning.My cousin and I decided to visit her step brother which arrived from abroad last week.I have to adjust my schedule because weekdays she is in school.After work we go straight to travel in Manila.I take a nap in the bus for almost two hours.I call my cousin to fetch us because I cannot remember the way in their house.Although,I am tired it is quiet fun! I missed my cousin a lot so I demand him to treat us in my favorite restaurant.Then he handed us money for shopping.It is just a small amount but overwhelming.I met his wife and cute baby boy.We drop by in his shop as it is open again.My cousin job is to repair appliances.While he is waiting his application going back abroad he has still job in the Philippines to look for money.Even if he got married at the age of 40 .I am happy for him because he found a nice girl that will take care of him and family.We arrived home around 7pm already.whew! we still catch the heavy traffic along the road because of the heavy rain.

15 July 2009

Clean up Day Blog

This post is for my blogging friends.I have cleaned up my blog today.Some of my friends before on my blog list are not existing maybe they have no time to blog or switch another hobby.I have view each of my blog friends site some did not update their blog anymore.I just exclude those friends in my blog list.Just, in case I made a mistake of removing your website please let me know so that I can add you back .I apologize whoever of my existing friends in my list were accidentally remove in my blog.Thanks!

Four More Awards from Friends

The Adorable Blog Award and the Uplifting Blogger Award comes from Mr. David Funk of Basic Bloganomics. I know sometimes i missed the day to visit his blog but i will try to make it up to him to post this amazing awards he passes for me. Thank you again!

This Elite Blog Award comes from a new blogger, i have known her from her nickname IamRN. Talks about her life as a nurse. Thank you very much for passing it to me! Wishing you more awards from the blog world.

I would like to Thank Ms.Yen for passing this Spread the Love Award to me. I just added you in my blog list when i noticed your not in my list. So sorry for that but i really appreciate your kindness for this award nice award. I wish you more awards to come in the future and more power!

I would like to pass all of this awards to lingz.spot, Lindz , ria , chelle, chelle, naomi , madz , jane , sheng , fishgate, Lis , beachwedding by madz, sharingstuffs ,rare footages, Anagore , carol , Kurdapya

8 July 2009

Migration Expert

There is a free assessment online in migration expert for skilled workers visa in Australia.I subscribe the site because I wanted to assess myself if I qualify to take the journey abroad .I answer the questions unfortunately I did not pass!I go directly to the process of getting skilled visa.The payment is also online it cost 399dollars.I have to decide and think twice if I will take the challenge of paying .

My Template

I keep changing my blog template this week.I am fed up looking my template.I change its color combination . First ,I choose the black background.Then, I change to pink color because it look cute.I am envy to blogger who have a very nice and unique template.In doing rounds the catch of my eye is a blog template and latest post.I have already search blogger template but it cost expensive for me to subscribe.Anyone, could suggest me ? thanks!

Water Bottles

I often use mineral water bottles as container of soy sauce, vinegar etc. because I usually buy in sachet.How about you moms?How often do you use mineral water bottles at home? Some of us was already a habit of re using mineral water bottles.I have read a clip that disposable mineral water bottles are safe to use one time only and it should be keep away from heat.why? because repeated washing can cause the plastic to break and carcinogen ( element present in making a plastic bottle) can leak into the bottle.For our health safety we should check the bottom of the bottle the triangle sign has number.The number should be equal or greater than five.If the number is one the plastic bottle is not safe to use.

4 July 2009

Who Knocks the Door ?

I am waiting someone from smart bro to fixed the antenna of our internet connection.I take a nap first because they didn't tell me the exact time they can arrived in the house.I am about to fall asleep when I heard someone knocking the door.It is a two guys who is wearing their identification card and told me they are the one send by the office to fixed the antenna.It takes only 20minutes to hook up again the connection.Since, we are still in lock in period subscriber so they did not charge me any amount for service fee.Now, our internet connection is back.I want to make up all my blogger friends and readers.Thanks a lot for visiting my blog!

2 July 2009

No Connection

The day is boring without internet connection.Especially,if you set an schedule to do online job.Yes,we have no internet in the house today.The antenna that hook up to provide signal was broke yesterday because of the strong wind that hit the antenna post.I call to our internet service provider for assistant unfortunately their field personel has occupied scheduled this week but they assure me to fixed by tommorow if the assigned field person in our area can finish his job early .I hope so.Thanks to opera mini power.I can still get in touch online by mobile.

1 July 2009

My Blog Anniversary

Time is too fast.I cannot count my friends in blogging world.I really appreciated the people who teach me to improve my blog page.The person who teach me how to start blogging even though she is miles away from me she make it to assist me to perk up my page.Thanks poray! To all blogger who continuously visiting my blog. I love you all guys and gals! My blog FILIPINA is my first personal blog then HAPINOY a mixed blog which shares tips in our daily activities ,recipes etc. My blog anniversary is July 18 . I am very proud and happy that I met people around the world ,read their post,share experiences in short blogging is fun!I still enjoy being a blogger!

I Need Coffee Again

The quarter two was over in company calendar.Finally, it's transition time! Working in night shift has advantages but more disadvantages for me.The advantage is we have additional night shift premium and it is not much pressured than working in day shift.The top one disadvantage is my muscles pain or arthritis. I really suffer it because of chilly temperature all night.I need a coffee ! My body clock will change it's sleeping habit.I don't want to fall asleep on my duty or else I will be fired early.

Pleasant Day

The weather is very good.My mouth sore was cured.I do my laundry early in the morning before the sun shines.I receive a call from the province and its a good news!My uncle who was involved in the violation encounter of a vessel personnel was arrived in the province.He was in the detention center of USA for almost a year.I am happy that mother know how to write a text message in her mobile phone.She send me a message without space and punctuation mark but I can understand.I cook my favorite dish.It's kare kare..Then, watch my favorite Mr.Bean cartoon in ABS-CBN.