31 July 2009

Are you still using an Old Excel Version?

In the company some computers are already upgraded to Microsoft office 2007. I preferred to use excel 1993 because it is simpler than 2007.In the computer laboratory I pick a desktop which is still in 1993 in making my report.My files are in excel for easy computation of number.I usually create graphs to illustrate the figure.I save it without checking the compatibility mode of the file.I am not aware of doing such thing.The important is I save my report that's all.The meeting day come it is my turn to show my charts. gosh!Some of my chart was missing! I decided to borrow a laptop with Microsoft or Excel 2007.I observe that if I used excel 2007 and open it to excel 1993 it does not work but if a file is in excel 1997 and open it to excel 2003 some figures are missing especially charts.It is safe to save the file in excel 93-2007 compatibility to work both in opening a file.

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