28 February 2009

Online Ads

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Bombshell on the Road

After work , I go to the hospital for my eye check up.The whole night while working I am suffering of itchiness and my eyes are red.My workmate told me it is a sore eyes but I believe it is not.I know it is an allergy attack again.Early in the morning around 9am after my doctor appointment I notice several people on my way home.I am on the jeep and I see a very very familiar uniform they are wearing.I remember! it is from DAIHO an injection company which is my first job as a factory worker.But, I can't believe it! They are not included in the list who affected layoff or cost cutting.The jeep was already in front of Department of Labor.It is positive that DAIHO was on rally.I have heard the guy speaking they are asking benefits that belongs to them based on labor code/ law.I notice some of my friends,barkadas in the production works before join the rally.I was surprise because this company expanded already and ISO certified.

27 February 2009

Mobile Mail

Today you can receive yahoo mail in your mobile phone.It is easy to read, reply your e-mails anytime anywhere.This is a free services from yahoo.How to connect simply log in to mobile mail with your mobile number.You will receive instant message in your phone with a link.Open the text message ; select the link and get started with yahoo mobile.I have already try this..guys, its your turn to discover too.

Neighborhood Talks

Townhouse in my place is compose of six doors with 40sqm.floor area.I stayed here for good rather than renting an apartment and pay the bills alone.I have a gay neighbor who own a beauty parlor nearby the subdivision.He encourage Divine to visit them in case she need hair treatment and he will give discount. This is a good deal! The end corner neighbor is one family and until now I still don't know their names..lol!

26 February 2009


We have a small garden in front of the house.Cousin planted bell pepper,onion, camote and malunggay.This is already a complete ingredients if ever we cook "fish tinola".Neighbor also benefit the malunggay or"horseradish tree" as "tatang" often ask if they cook fish tinola too.Since, today is ash wednesday,guess what we did ( viand) for breakfast? I buy a corn in the market and I told cousin to get a malunggay.Here's what I did:

  • I boiled the corn until tender
  • Add a pinch of salt to taste
  • Add the malunggay ."do not over cook the malunggay leaves"
  • add seasoning and serve Hot!yummy....

This is a nutritional food already!


16 February 2009


The doggy in the house was already preggy! If she has three puppies we will sell the two in the market.Puppy are expensive here not like in the province that it only cost 20pesos and sometimes it was just given those who interested in taking care a puppy.The doggy always make a noise especially if she can saw a cat walking near the dog house.I will be posting puppies pictures soon ...

Summer Promo

Summer is coming.It's time to plan where you will go to unwind yourself.Remember, summer is a peak season while promo is still running in most airfare , resort like boracay, puerto princesa etc. reserve early your best choice of place.My workmate send me a travel agency that offer a tour package with a group promo discount in palawan,boracay,bohol,cebu...confusing what is the best to be.But, I know all of them have nicest tourist attraction that everybody was admired.For summer my choice is Palawan ! How about you guys?

14 February 2009


To my co Filipino blogger,Did you already experienced to find a Tagalog or Bisaya word online? well, I am honest that I am not really good and perfect in terms of grammar but I want a new word or synonym in my writings.Blogging is helpful in improving vocabulary.isn't it? I am thinking a Bisaya or Tagalog word sometimes in updating my blog and forgot it in English.I have with me my english - tagalog dictionary but not all words I am looking was found there.I found an online dictionary which contains 27,478 entries.This answer word meaning in my thoughts.I just simply type the word and submit.

The Fried Chicken

Its been six months that I did not even try to eat chicken because of my food allergy which I inherent from my mother.When, I arrived home my hobby is to open the refrigerator and see if the people in the house cook food or left a viand for me in dinner.I see a fried chicken!It look so yummy and tasteful.wow! they are kind today!I am tempted..so I get my plate and eat.I forgot my allergy but three hours after I started scratching my back and legs .I feel itchy....and it turns to red.I know the symptoms ( my allergy attack that fast ). I have no medicine with me .Thanks to my cousin who always buy chocolate that helps a lot to lessen my itchiness.

House Bills

I keep all receipts in the house ( water,internet and electric bills ).I have an updated excel file with Pareto for yearly expense and line graph to monitor the monthly bills.I notice that electric bill drop by 20% start the month of December.I guess its because we don't use electric fan anymore.While, water bill increase by 30% for almost two months already.The only change we did is to use water container rather than a shower in taking a bath because it is cold.I think using a shower consume less water than using a water container.what do you think?

Red Roses

Why red roses is the most chosen flower during valentines day?Roses has different colors and meaning.The red roses signify for lovers since 18th century.This was already use as means of communication between lovers who keep their relationship or feelings secret to the public.Red rose express of love that awaits a passionate expression.It also symbolize true love that would stand the test of time.I remember what I read that Cleopatra use red roses to carpet her bedroom when she received Antony .mmmhhh... this could be a good idea! I want a carpet red roses on the floor and table during my wedding proposal :-) Roses add the place romantic and abiding love.

At the Church

Friday the street going to Quiapo Church was slightly traffic around 6am.I like better to attend the first mass in the morning rather than catch up the heavy traffic and crowded people.Since, I am 2 hours away from manila ,I have no choice but to attend mass in the afternoon.Don't you know that this is the first month I stay long hours in church?I did not notice the time.I was just sitting down and listen the priest talking in front of us for almost two hours.He is very convincing,good preacher and all the counsel he share us relates my life in the present.He give me idea that will guide me everyday.The phrase I like best as he mention is "money cannot buy happiness"...I don't believe it.how about you guys?As the counsel goes,I was persuaded.After, the advocate I attended the mass so, no time for shopping anymore. I stayed more than six hours in the church...but I feel so blessed and renewed that day!

12 February 2009

What a Day!

I had my interview yesterday in a Canadian agency where I apply online. I was surprise that they call me immediately for an interview.My interview schedule was 10 am in the morning.I left home around 6am because I will still find their office.Before, that I have already ask my workmate how to get there but it was not clear.Anyway,I am confident enough that I can locate the agency easily.I arrive in Manila at 9am ,so I have still one hour to find the agency.Unfortunately, I was in a wrong direction.I was turn in a wrong corner whew!As I get through walking I did not see office establishment except a school and small vendor along the road .( this is not the way) I was lost! huhuhu..its 10:00 o'clock already! I feel so exhausted in the long road.I call the agency and ask the landmark.They told me to ride a tricycle and finally ,I get there.Late! I was lucky that the interviewer assign for me canceled her appointment so I was still entertain..
Thanks GRACE for this tag.Hope my friends read my birthday wishes.. :-)

Rules Of The Tag:

1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday

2. The list should be 10 numbers

3. Post the image of this award in your posting

4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

Okay here’s my birthday wish lists:

  1. Good health for ME and my family.
  2. More incentives in the company
  3. Better economy and better government for Philippines.
  4. MSI / HP netbook for me
  5. Find a JOB in Singapore/Pass the interview
  6. SPWR stock market will get higher
  7. Trip to Hongkong before the year end
  8. Good Health for TATA and friends
  9. Learn mandarin language
  10. Nice and responsible boyfriend

Now I am tagging: Pinaymama, lingzspot,sweetpinay, Ria,lassyliscious

8 February 2009

Obama Car

President Obama Cadillac was already on test road.It is worth 300,000euro with a maximum speed of 60mph.The car is equipped with defense accessories like night vision cameras and pump action shotguns also armed with tear gas cannons.The President seat is an executive package featuring a foldaway desktop,laptop computer with wifi,state of the art satellite phone and direct line to the vice president and pentagon.Each seat with a passenger of four has glass partition and only Obama has a switch to lower it.There is also a panic button installed for Obama to summon help. Well,this is a car that thinks it's a tank!Complete in all phase of safety.

24/7 Cash Pick Up Money Transfer

Money is very important in any aspect.If we send money recipient is eager to pick up the cash especially if needed.Some global money transfer has only chosen pick up locations.In case of emergency we cannot get remittances easily particular in bank or mall because it usually open 9am and close around 5pm.In Xoom global money transfer we can easily send and pick up money 24hours a day at a lowest rate.Just sign up XOOM and get your cash at any M. Llulier branches across the country anytime! I can guarantee a good service in this institution because I am a xoom user for almost three years.

Online Games

The two guys in house get addict playing level up online games .I pissed them today because I cannot use the computer during my free time and they cannot play without having a sound effect. I suggest them to buy PSP so that they can play anytime without disturbing me.The two guys both stare at me silently and leave the house.I don't know what they are thinking.

What a Mistake!

My futon mattress in the house occupy space and it is difficult for me dusting my room.After a few months I buy a bed frame so that I can put some things under my bed.I got a mistake of buying them separately. I save 20% discount on frame and 5% discount on mattress but I paid a delivery charge twice !

Google Adsense

I was not taking seriously of putting ad sense in my blog.I don't expect earnings of those ads running everyday.My interest of having this in my page is to provide my reader additional information that relates my post.I had check my google account it make me surprise that it give me money of twelve dollars just by putting this in my site.I have already receive my google pin to complete the steps so that my payment will be credited in my account. There is no hassle opening a bank account or having a master nor visa card to get your earnings.It is easy to get payment through western union quick cash.

7 February 2009

Afternoon Show

In the shuttle service everybody was awake because of this mixed drama comedy TV show.The Korean "love at the corner" of barbie sue around 5:30pm in GMA 7 entertain us a lot.Isn't it difficult if you have to chose either family or love life?yes ,it is.The guy here was already engaged to Barbie but problem come along that both of their parents got conflict on "MONEY" .The guy(Lyndon) give up his love life to save his family business and respect parents decision as well. The story is really nice.. I hate to missed it.

What Kips me Busy!

Wow...It's been two weeks that I did not open my blog.
I am pre occupied doing a small garden in the backyard last day off.For this week,I have a full activity at work because of the upcoming process audit!This statistical process control audit was done twice a year in the company.The different department will have to present in terms of cost,projects , team achievements for the continuous improvement of the company.The tough thing for the past days is to back track the data needed in my chart.I am oblige to extend duty for three hours only.We are not allowed for twelve hours overtime because of company cost reduction issue.