14 February 2009

At the Church

Friday the street going to Quiapo Church was slightly traffic around 6am.I like better to attend the first mass in the morning rather than catch up the heavy traffic and crowded people.Since, I am 2 hours away from manila ,I have no choice but to attend mass in the afternoon.Don't you know that this is the first month I stay long hours in church?I did not notice the time.I was just sitting down and listen the priest talking in front of us for almost two hours.He is very convincing,good preacher and all the counsel he share us relates my life in the present.He give me idea that will guide me everyday.The phrase I like best as he mention is "money cannot buy happiness"...I don't believe it.how about you guys?As the counsel goes,I was persuaded.After, the advocate I attended the mass so, no time for shopping anymore. I stayed more than six hours in the church...but I feel so blessed and renewed that day!

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