12 February 2009

What a Day!

I had my interview yesterday in a Canadian agency where I apply online. I was surprise that they call me immediately for an interview.My interview schedule was 10 am in the morning.I left home around 6am because I will still find their office.Before, that I have already ask my workmate how to get there but it was not clear.Anyway,I am confident enough that I can locate the agency easily.I arrive in Manila at 9am ,so I have still one hour to find the agency.Unfortunately, I was in a wrong direction.I was turn in a wrong corner whew!As I get through walking I did not see office establishment except a school and small vendor along the road .( this is not the way) I was lost! huhuhu..its 10:00 o'clock already! I feel so exhausted in the long road.I call the agency and ask the landmark.They told me to ride a tricycle and finally ,I get there.Late! I was lucky that the interviewer assign for me canceled her appointment so I was still entertain..

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Gracie said...

Wow, I hope you will get the job. By the way, baka naman pwede kong makuha kung saang canadian agency ka nag-apply. naghahanap pa rin me work till now eh. hehehe