28 February 2009

Bombshell on the Road

After work , I go to the hospital for my eye check up.The whole night while working I am suffering of itchiness and my eyes are red.My workmate told me it is a sore eyes but I believe it is not.I know it is an allergy attack again.Early in the morning around 9am after my doctor appointment I notice several people on my way home.I am on the jeep and I see a very very familiar uniform they are wearing.I remember! it is from DAIHO an injection company which is my first job as a factory worker.But, I can't believe it! They are not included in the list who affected layoff or cost cutting.The jeep was already in front of Department of Labor.It is positive that DAIHO was on rally.I have heard the guy speaking they are asking benefits that belongs to them based on labor code/ law.I notice some of my friends,barkadas in the production works before join the rally.I was surprise because this company expanded already and ISO certified.

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