22 July 2009

Watch and Relax

I am an avid viewer of teleserye in ABS-CBN " Tayong Dalawa" .I also watch "SNN" hosted by Kris and Boy.I like them as a partner.I like the way they talk and deal on screen touchy showbiz issue .The two are both smart.I love watching drama today because the story is nice.I feel snug sitting in the sofa after dinner while watching television before going to bed. If I fall asleep late it is good also to watch "The wedding" .I can relate some lines and reminisce my past relationship.The line of a girl who is deeply in love to a man secretly.The episode last week makes me cry.lol.The part that " The girl is truly in love with the guy although she keeps hiding it to her friends but she step down of her pride just to reconcile to the guy in her mistake" .She is just using the guy for her parents sake of squaring off and ask for attention.I cannot testify clearly because I did watch the show daily but I know everybody will appreciate the thought of the story!

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