22 July 2009

Solar in the Future

I am grumpy person in different ways.I feel lazy .I deem to be hardworking both home and work.This week is a very relaxing work duty for me. I am not bored . I am in mood to browse and read company latest news in intranet.I also take a look some training materials read a bit ,go to the next topic and scan update of our process control. I have browse some nice pictures and save it in my folder and post in the blog ( pictures attached ).The great look of pile up solar panels installed in different countries show that company grow successful over a year. But, it has nothing to do with salary increase neither growth of senior workers career path . I just like only the capture of the solar panels how it could bring to the clean and green environment in the future.well, It has a big part in protecting our ozone layer.I feel excited of company's goal in installing gigawatts of solar panel in the next years to come.I hope the investors will continue to support solar company in the Philippines out of illegal issues on job responsibilities of some Filipino worker happened in the past quarter of the company.I know they still believe that most Filipinos are hardworking,honest and good individual so the management fired out those people that can bring down our name. Happy processing to all my spml colleagues!

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