16 July 2009

Sunday Journey

I am exhausted last Sunday for 24hours awake .I am in the night shift duty every weekend.My day off is Sunday morning.My cousin and I decided to visit her step brother which arrived from abroad last week.I have to adjust my schedule because weekdays she is in school.After work we go straight to travel in Manila.I take a nap in the bus for almost two hours.I call my cousin to fetch us because I cannot remember the way in their house.Although,I am tired it is quiet fun! I missed my cousin a lot so I demand him to treat us in my favorite restaurant.Then he handed us money for shopping.It is just a small amount but overwhelming.I met his wife and cute baby boy.We drop by in his shop as it is open again.My cousin job is to repair appliances.While he is waiting his application going back abroad he has still job in the Philippines to look for money.Even if he got married at the age of 40 .I am happy for him because he found a nice girl that will take care of him and family.We arrived home around 7pm already.whew! we still catch the heavy traffic along the road because of the heavy rain.

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