16 July 2009

Earn Money in Blogging

My first blog FILIPINA is a mixed and personal blog.I have post things in my interest to share with other people.I do not mind if my readers like my writings or not.The important is the thought that I impart in my post.I feel happy if I receive comments from blogger that they like my writings whether it is true or not.I know that somebody visited my blog.I continue blogging and make another blog the HAPINOY.I join my blog in a paid sites.This is a challenging part for me because I do not have a good English grammar.I try my best to correct my mistakes and finish my task easily.I earn money in blogging not a big amount but it can help.The paid site that frustrate me to continue blogging is payperpost.why? Because,they keep sending back my post to correct my grammar.Challenging! yes,but sometimes frustrating if the paid site will send you a mail that your blog did not pass the quality they are looking for.isn't it?This is what happen to my membership in payperpost.I join to different paid sites and continue to update my blog.My blog still make money even if they reject it.After a couple of months I receive a mail from payperpost thay they consider again my blog.I feel happy about it.I join again in PayPerPost to avail opportunity.The more paid site the more chances to get a task.Guys,gals if you have an experience like me you can still join PayPerPost improve your writings and aim to have a tasks.Enjoy and have Fun in blogging!

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