16 July 2009

Another Challenge

Switching a career path is not easy to decided.As a factory worker in engineering position it is tough to leave the environment in the fabrication place.I will miss the chemical fumes that I exhale and inhale inconspicuously inside the manufacturing.lol.My peers that inspire me for years.The special man that I found and change my life.lol.The sleepless nights of working inside the fabrication area.The coffee time in the vendo machine with some guys.The time that I fall asleep in the computer table while working.oh well, I am just thinking those things that I will missed up if I change my path as an educator.I have already receive a mail from UP open university that I am qualified to take the course of PTC.I will be a working student in the second semester.whew!I am ready what ever ups and downs it may bring in my life.I make up this decision because I do not want myself to grow old as a factory worker because if it happens I will not be productive and defy of doing my job.why? It is because someday I have a family and kids to take care ! I hope so :-) Wish me luck guys!

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