16 July 2009

The Dictionary

Learning is continuous if you want.right?Our speaker in English training says " if you want to enhance your vocabulary you have to know at least five new words a day in a dictionary" .it could help too! Because of busy work schedule and taking care family we cannot do that anymore.isn't it?good for students and writers.For me it is also good to learn foreign language.I am interested to become skilled in speaking and writing at least one foreign language.In TESDA they offer free training for foreign languages like Arabic,mandarin,french and Spanish. I have already posted some topics in my previous post regarding Tesda Foreign language training.You can check out at Free Training in my site.I feel sad that my schedule does not fit to avail this opportunity.What I have done is I buy an English - Mandarin -Cantonese -Tagalog dictionary in the bookstore.This is my interest of learning so I look a complete package dictionary to help me understand the meaning of different words and how it is read.I hope I am doing the right track of pronunciation.lol.If I gonna have a chance to enroll in Tesda the better so that I can correct my mistake and to learn also the accent of speaking.It is expensive to enroll a foreign language.I have inquire one foreign language training center near my place 30hours is 10,000pesos tuition fee including training materials that was for mandarin only.The free training in Tesda really helps a lot !If some you get interest of learning foreign language free just visit tesda taguig for schedule of training.

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