27 July 2009

Work Experience

Being the eldest and youngest of the family is not easy.As you grown up you gonna take responsibility which others didn't think about it.When I finish my study my cousin told me "I am lucky because I don't have brother nor sister to support " in short I have less task in life than them.."If you gonna work you can enjoy your salary,buy what you want like new dress,gadgets,shoes etc.." she added.That is what in my mind too when I am still in school.But,as I started working I can say that is not true! why ? because, it is hard to spend your own money buying such material thing.That's me! I do know the others unica hija/hijo .I gonna share my first job experience in a plastic factory which inspire and give me lesson.

Since, I am just new in Luzon I don't have much idea the place where I will apply.I have heard that Laguna had Industrial Park where I can submit my resume walk in .So, with my friend we arrived Laguna.The people are very hospitable.On our way to Laguna Technopark we met a guy from Cebu being a "BISAYA" he guide us and He bring us to the other Two Industrial Park .He treat us a lunch :-) it was really a great day! To make the story short.Me and my friend was interviewed as a quality control inspector and turn to production operator because they said (HR personnel) that operator is the only available position.We both ( me & friend ) decided to try for work because we don't have allowance for looking a job anymore.We both hire without exam and medical test.Not just they see us healthy but because they need a worker for mass production delivery before the year end.

I started my job immediately.I call my parents I get a job easily.The two both are happy for me.My first day is orientation.Second day, I was assigned to wipe the stock product ,pack and put in a box .Before 6:00 pm each of us clean the area (map the floor and trash the garbage)..huh..they don't have cleaners.I look at my friend she know what I was trying to say and told me "this is just a test,tomorrow we will not do this anymore" ,Third Day,we had machine specs orientation and operation .We did the three days training, all are fine and we met friends.On the second week, we are assigned to machine and shifting schedule.Unfortunately,me and Divine (my friend)had split in shift schedule.I feel sad but she told me again " we have to be patience and just think that we gonna have money this 15th of the month " .As I started my shifting duty,I was orient again in my responsibilities which is to operate the machine, pack the produce parts,file up in a box,sealed and placed in a cart.whew!! I am thinking how could I do that all things and met my quota :-( I keep running ,going back and forth for twelve hours, because the machine speed is fast and I need to pack the produce parts or else it will drop on the floor.For one week ,I notice my ankle swell but it was not painful so no need to bother.All I complain is my legs I can't stand up easily.When, I arrived home I sleep no time to watch television.

For two weeks,I told myself "This is not the job I want" My career path in the engineering field will not be worth if I continue working here". I wait for my payday.I did not call to parents for complaint because the only thing they say is "go home,study again in education,pass the board exam,teach and work in the province"well, that is good too but I want myself to be independent and had a challenging life so I cannot blame them for what ever adversity I had in my journey .My first salary is two thousand peso.Divine (my friend) and I decided to resign and look for another job.I go home first to my hometown for personal reason.Divine apply for a new job.When, I came back I printed many resume.I apply again both online and walk in.I was hired two good company one in a food company where I was assigned in a quality assurance department.The other one is Denim company as a laboratory tester.I enjoy my job, the people are friendly.But, the saddest part is they don't hire regular employee anymore.

September 2005,I was hired in a solar company.Thanks to Divine ,she is the one who submitted my resume and recommend me.I try my best to pass the trainings and exams ( medyo madami kasi).The training was great and all my colleagues are also engineering in field.Basically, I enjoy working with them.After,six months I was already a regular employee.

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