8 July 2009

Water Bottles

I often use mineral water bottles as container of soy sauce, vinegar etc. because I usually buy in sachet.How about you moms?How often do you use mineral water bottles at home? Some of us was already a habit of re using mineral water bottles.I have read a clip that disposable mineral water bottles are safe to use one time only and it should be keep away from heat.why? because repeated washing can cause the plastic to break and carcinogen ( element present in making a plastic bottle) can leak into the bottle.For our health safety we should check the bottom of the bottle the triangle sign has number.The number should be equal or greater than five.If the number is one the plastic bottle is not safe to use.

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Ria said...

I use glasses Yub. At least with glasses, they are washable and reusable, time and time again. I deposit my mineral bottles straight to the recycling bin here. I don't take chances. Just use glass containers for your vinegar and soy sauce or other condiments.