29 March 2009

What I am searching for?

I am searching for a part time job online.huh? It's not my fault that I chose to be an engineer.More part time jobs are teacher , food and beverages services.I want to apply as online teacher .I thought I gonna had a chance to teach but they are looking a Filipina who can teach Japanese and mandarin language too.No chance at all! The other one is 6 hours job in laguna beach with the rate of 9 dollars to 10 dollars per hour.Convincing,right? They need a star server and costumer oriented person. waaahhh!! I really don't belong to this job again :-(

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chubskulit said...

if i were you, I'll check on korean sites coz they really need tutors in english... in here, they pay 20 dollars an hour... or if you want you can come here in korea and teach, all you need is a bachelors degree and they pay big bucks in korean schools here.. mga 80k dollars a year ng salary mostly..