27 April 2009

Do you Make Brewed Coffee at home?

Waking up early in the morning with a smell of freshly brewed coffee is better.Everybody in the house love coffee in the morning.I use brewed coffee at home because it is much flavorsome.I have a coffee maker turns out to be busted.
Here are some experiences that I could share how my coffee maker frustrates me and how I fixed it.

1.Coffee has a vinegary taste.

If you encountered like this I am sure you did not rinse the machine properly after descaling.You have to rinse the machine thoroughly by brewing water without coffee grounds.

2.Coffee maker sputters and brews coffee slowly

The reason is lime scale deposits form in the vents of the machine causing it to get clogged so it takes longer time to brew.Descaled your machine !

3.Coffee does not stay warm

This is my unforgettable experience having a coffee a maker.I did not notice that the warming plate of my coffee maker is not working.I thought housemates get a coffee thinking that it was newly replenish water.But, I was wrong because they also ask me why coffee is not hot.As a lesson "Do not leave your machine ON for long periods of time because it can cause heater failure."


Gorgeous MUM said...

Hello! Ive got something for you HERE!

Lindz said...

I love the smell of coffee but i dont drink it lol!! buy na lang ako sa coffee shop ng mocha coffee yan inom ko, it's nice and yummy... we ahve a coffee maker machine but we never use it lol!! maybe one day when we ahve a bigger kitchen hassle kasi sa paglilinis eh hehehe..

nyway mas masarap din gumising kung naamoy mo ang freshly bake na bread yan meron ako pag sa umaga lalo akong ginugutom hehehe

Ria said...

Not much of a coffee lover but I do brew once in a while for the purpose of using my capuccino maker...hahaha.

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