27 April 2009

Telephone Bill

I am distress to see our telephone bill.I notice mobile calls which is strange to me. I ask all the people in the house if they know the mobile number but no body knows.The mobile calls added my bill amount twice.I am really mad.I get the mobile number and dial it every hour.Unfortunately,it was always out of coverage area but I am still hoping that I can trace who is the owner of that number.It takes me three days before I contact the number.I dial it and it ring.I call the number and the guy answer me.I ask his name and location.He told me that "He is my cousin boyfriend." I ask him " Are you still studying?".He answered "I already stop!" .I cut the call because I am angry and I don't like to get mad when I am at work.After work, I go home and have my dinner.Then, I get the telephone bill and ask my cousin again if she know the number.At this time,she smiles at me and did not talk.I get her mobile phone and dial the number.The mobile number is in her phone book so she cannot deny to me anymore.I am pathetic because I am not expecting anyone especially her (my cousin) to fool me. I hate liar! I have two options to disconnect the telephone subscription or let this girl go home to the province.

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Lindz said...

oh dear that's a problem to decide noh? you dont want anyone to get upset but having said that it's not fair for you to pay for that big amount of phone bill... I am sorry to ehar this..