9 April 2009

Bored Sting

One week is over, I am totally bored in the house.It is not easy to stay in the house doing nothing.oh well, aside from household chores my back get stiff setting down waiting someone to come and talk to me hehehe...My working schedule is very busy for the past months.Although, I feel tired going to work everyday my joints never get pain.My tendon is sore and ankle swell a bit now.ooh...I am afraid of arthritis.I guess this is a symptom just like my mother.It is good now that mother starting to recover her arthritis.She avoid eating meat,oily food.She eat more on green leafy vegetables ,fish and fruits.She already stop taking steroid medicine which the only thing can relieve the pain.I hate arthritis for being in a generation next :-) I need exercise before its too late!

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