24 April 2009


I try to apply online as part time teacher (home based teaching job). I am not an education graduate but I am confident that employer will contact me for an interview.lol.I submitted my resume and application letter in a teaching online website.After a week, I receive a text message from a Korean employer.I feel happy but nervous because I have no idea if they ask me teaching strategy online.I e-mail my available time for interview.The interview is thru skype.whew! That was my first time to use skype.I had 30 mins online interview.The korean guy (interviewer) spoke english fluently.He ask me "Why do you like to teach?" ..I remember what I told to my mother when she convinced me to take up education.I told her "Nanay, I hate to teach." Life is unpredictable.I know my interview assessment is not good.Anyway,it was a brilliant experience in switching a career path!

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Lisa said...

So how was the job interview? Did they hire you yet? I didn't know that there's a website where you can apply as a teacher. I'm a licensed teacher major in Math, baka pwede akong mag-apply. Anong website ba yon?