6 April 2009

Job Scams

Are you looking for job opportunity online?Beware of Job Scams ! Some scammers send e-mail to applicant offering a job opportunity for foreign country with good deal.This just like my workmate experience.The scenario goes like this: My workmate is very patience in browsing online job abroad.If she is qualify the job she automatically send her resume and letter of intent without taking down the agency.One day she receive an e-mail from a company in UK.The message says" Your resume was qualified and passed our job requirements."To complete your application kindly accomplish the form( attach form)."So, my workmate filled up the form with joy and submit.The next day she receive a Job Order plus salary and benefits agreement.The second form is the work permit ( Visa application) indicating there that she gonna pay $150 dollars.If the visa will be approve the money will be refund to her.There is also a contact number in UK office and contact person for processing of Visa.I had a doubt as I read the mails.Since, it is company recession already in the Philippines my workmate feel she is lucky than us for having the unexpected opportunity.She pay thru credit card the 150dollars for visa.She receive a receipt for the money.Convincing! But, as months pass she did not get any update via e-mail anymore.So, she call the contact person (I forgot the name ) but it was already out of coverage area.Last option is a long distance call to the company.Unfortunately,the job hiring offered to her is for UK resident only and confirmed that the contact person is not connected in the agency.Beware!

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