12 April 2009

What is a DOT?

Did you upgrade your Microsoft word from 2003 to 2007?Computer now is on Microsoft word 2007.isn't it?Let me introduce to you file extension dot. What is dot? DOT stands for document template. Microsoft word files has a dot extension.What is this for? This use as templates for creating other word documents through word for windows 2003 and word for mac 2004.The word 2007 use dotm format to differentiate it from 2003.If you encounter doc files don't be confuse.They are just the same.However,If you save your file using file extension dot you can also use templates from other files.This are file on other computer using pre -2007 word or it is called generic word processor file.If you are using word 2007 or 2003 no need to worry if your file will be save or not.I assure it will be keep safe on your computer.

But,sometimes we encounter error on our files.The common error I experience is corrupted files.I bothered a lot.The file extension dot will save everything in our documents.why? There is a free registry scan and booster to fix all the errors.How about if your computer slow down or crashed because of different files save?I will recommend driver detective to solve your computer problems or error.This is a free download only.Guys, file extension dot is free to explore.The beauty in here is you can add even small applications like visual basic.It's time to browse and learn!

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