20 April 2009

The Dat Extension

Do you notice the different file extension post in my blog?I hope so. Because it is has different purpose in terms of file saving.The latest one is File Extension Dat several ordinary computer users will not encounter or notice dat extension.I am trying to look forward browsing the site to educate myself a bit in using computer programs.It is a burden if we delete useful programs in a computer.If we talk about files ,computer programs and virus is in my mind.What is File Extension Dat?The file extension dat is used by such variety of programs and applications that keeping track of them all.So, a dat file extension is a generic data file that is created by specific application.Be careful in deleting files because a dat file are text based and can be viewed by opening a Microsoft windows! What is the importance of file extension dat?If you open a folder in operating system different file format will pop up in your computer sometimes it is confusing.Using file extension dat you can only open a file with its corresponding program.The stored information can be access using its specific program only .There is no need to puzzle in opening a file.

But, I know you gonna encountered problem in opening file sometimes it is annoying if computer will crashed down.There is an anti-virus that will restart or place your operating system in safe mode.If you browse file extension dat do not forget to download a free scan driver.The driver detective is a free download that will update and scan your driver instantly.This will also protect your computer from unwanted virus which slows down in downloading file.

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