January 31, 2009


Parents are worried of company closure issue.They call me to confirm my job situation well, we are so lucky that no lay off happen in the company. Semi conductors,electronics company greatly affected the global crisis.In the food company near my place it was open for job hiring.

January 25, 2009

Intel Philippines Closure

I was shocked reading the newspaper yesterday that INTEL ( big electronics company in the Philippines ) was formally announce and confirm to the public that they are already closed.The company is not gaining because of global crisis. This company operates for more than 25 years in the Philippines.My blogger friend Grace share her great experienced in this company to us.I remember my job application at INTEL last year as I got interest in moving out of my job because a friend of mine told me that Intel offer a good benefits and salary to employees but unfortunately I did not make to pass in the final interview.Gosh!! If I make to pass the final interview last year at INTEL.I did left Sun power and now I am included in the statistics of jobless count. I was upset that time for not doing well in my interview.But, now I was in great thank.Everything,happen for a reason !To Grace, I know there is something better waiting for you in the future.

My favorite Place

Guess ,,where I will go ???Aside , from computer stores,home world and boutique . I spend most of my time in : KIDDIE Amusement Park! I love to take pictures and watch the kids playing here! I remember in my younger days I have not gone nor played in the kiddie park :-) My parents and I do our bonding in the farm or in the shoreline while looking a shells.It is just like a park we share a lots of fun!


Today is housekeeping day! There are three guys in the house (cousins) so, don't expect they will do cleaning in their day off while the girl (cousin too ) owe the laundry and cooking.But, today I do both cleaning and laundry..whew!! I have keep the guys thing and messy room organized..how lucky they are today I am in a mood of dusting their area.I keep the cables,mobile chargers and other sundries scatter in the tray I see this small doohickey its like a domino style.I have no idea that it is an a Ipod Touch built in speaker lol...guys in the house are gadget addict than me.well, this is quiet nice ! it will give me a nice sound while cleaning.

Plane Ticket Search

I am looking for the best cheap flight this summer( from Manila to Tacloban).The fare rate varies the day and time of flight.I pick dates from mid of April.The rate ranges from 1,250peso to 1,450peso (good domestic fare rate) but it is exclusive for tax and other miscellaneous plus terminal fee and insurance.If I will reserve a set additional pay of 100pes0 to 200pesos..mmmh.The trick here is to book early a month before the flight to avail a low fare rate.Two flight schedule was already fully book.wow! (early to get ready on summer vacation) ohhh...How I wish my schedule will be fix soon before the fare rate increase.

Travel Tip: For Cebu Pacific book on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for availability of low fares rate
For Philippine Airlines watch out their "calendar pricing" that displays lowest fare available over seven days range.( three days before-three days after your planned travel date you have to watch out the their fare rates display and decide quickly when it is most convenient and cheapest way to fly)

January 23, 2009


Yesterday,I was surprise the post man handed to me a letter & package in the house.The letter is my "house bill" , while the other one is the "Unclaimed Package".huh!
It was the package that I have send to USA last 2nd week of November 2008.(The addressee of the package is a private person in my life so I will not mention his name ).I am expecting that recipient will get the cards and some souvenirs in the Philippines before Christmas.I send it as a registered mail to secure that it will go through.The lady in the post office told me it will arrived two to three weeks.It is not bad the important is it will be delivered to the destination safely.I track on by mailing to the recipient after three weeks if my package arrive but it was not yet there.Second week of January 2009 ( almost two months) .He receive a notice from the post office about the package. Because of busy work schedule He won't be able to go to the post office immediately to get my package .I don't know how long it was kept in the US post office before it was send back to the Philippines.I was upset for failing my package to go through. I am expecting that recipient will be please of my hand made cards.Is there any courier that will provide a lead time ,day and date of their delivery ??? This kind of courier is best to my recipient although bit expensive.

January 22, 2009


I want to thank jacky for these triple award. It's so nice of your friend for remembering. I really appreciate it.
Here are the rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 5 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
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I would like to pass and share this award to the following person:

Write Protect

Losing a files is not easy to recover.Transferring a files is not safe because we all know that computer virus transmit easily.I have done some ways to take care my USB.It's about time to share.
How to write protect your USB
  • USB drives comes with write protector just switch them to read only drive.
  • If the USB drive protector feature is missing you can use USB write protector utility.
What is USB write protector utility?
The Thumbscrew : this utility is a freeware application that write protect your USB drive so that virus from your host computer will not be able to write anything in your USB drive.Simply,right click the system try icon and chose Make USB read only.

If you have a USB Write protector it is good too-this is just a small utility that you can always carry with you in your portable drive.It is also like thumbscrew.


I was surprise when my workmate give me a green 8 GB USB .I am only using 2GB USB for my work files.This 8 GB USB is much better because I can store pictures , my favorite movies and also personal or work files.How I can protect this from virus ?well, I have to make sure that my USB drive is a non writable mode so that any kind of data that cannot be written will not be transmitted in my USB.Thanks to Onin for being kind to me!

January 20, 2009

Big Triple Awards-Sisterhood and Best Friends

I have been blogging for 6 months and I enjoy in blogging world because I met friends online .I am very thankful that all blogger I met are kind in sharing their ideas and experiences in blogging.To chelle thanks for giving me this award.

Here are the rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
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Now, it's my time to pass this award to: RIA , lingz-spot ,kate, lassylicious , laura , sheng , Jane , Robin's Corner ,Design Photoshop and Life Expresions.

January 18, 2009

Contact and Connect

I am reading gadget magazine yesterday before I go to bed . I notice that well-known gadget brand like apple and blackberry came from fruit name :-)well, this does not make sense of what I am trying to write.This is all about my dream blackberry phone.why dream? because,this is not my priority anymore. I have reasons why I like blackberry 8120 aside from unique design.It is the technical features! I will mention some :it works with Microsoft exchange (our company e-mail) ;IBM Lotus Domino;Nov ell Group wise;WI FI..oh well...well...I am comfortable with my mobile phone because it can contact my family and friends :-)

The Solar Panel

To my co blogger (John) that get interest in sun power solar panel this post is for you and anybody who would like this topic too.
Sun power is the first solar cell company in the Philippines.The main plant was located in Sunnyvale, California. As I joined in this company we only manufacture solar cells for almost two years. Since the demand get higher two Sun power module building was constructed for solar panel manufacturer.Who are our clients?In sun power cells ,Sun energy (china),Solon (Germany) are the few clients I remember.Sun power solar panels has dealer.If you want to get any of the following elegant solar panels an online website How to Buy is open to all.

The School Girl

This girl is the eldest among the two boys in the family.oh..well,she is my cousin in mother side .She is a high school graduating student in a public school. She told me yesterday that she want to study college even two year course only.I ask her : Who will sponsor your school needs? she didn't answer..
"I am willing to finance you but my salary cannot manage to pay both tuition fee,house bills and food allowance".I added..
It is tough to be the eldest in a broken family situation.Her mother left their house for almost five years already.They don't have any contact where she is right now.I have search in TESDA ( technical-vocational education training center) scholarship program .
The general qualifications are:
at least high school graduate
16-55 years old
must pass the pre training assessment administered by TESDA
must no pending criminal case

The cousin is qualified hoping she pass the exam.I have to cross my fingers about this girl first.

January 16, 2009

Training Center

I keep myself busy searching for a training center that offer a certificate or diploma courses only for months or hours completion. I am interested to participate trainings that will be useful in or out in my field of work. I have two choices in TESDA training center or in School near in my place like Montessori or Letran.If I chose Tesda it will take 2 hours travel but the tuition fee is cheap compare to others because it is government training center.But, the two is just a minutes away from the house.oh...well , better to visit their office for sure and look forward to arrange my work schedule and of course the budget..

Hollywood Movies 2009

Are you movie fanatic? you have to watch out the following Hollywood movies this 2009:
  • Bride Wars
  • Underworld 3
  • The International
  • Street Fighter-Legend of Chun_Li
  • Watch Men
  • The accidental Husband
  • Fast and Furious
  • Dragon Ball Evolution
  • Angels and Demons
  • X-Men Origins:Wolverine
  • Terminator Salvation
  • ICE Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
  • The Proposal
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen
well, this are only movies that I want to wait for.I guess some of this is your favorite movie too.

January 10, 2009

My Personal Page

A newbie blog Yub-Personal Page , focus on family ,home gadgets,travel and business.I also include life experiences.I do hope your having a great visit here.I enjoy blogging because I had already friends and met new friends ,also I learn things online which I didn't know before because I just only have fun in ym / Mirc chat room session.Stuff that I discover in blogging is worth keeping and its really great to join in this blogging world.

The Island

I am proud to post the overview of the island where I came from.Maripipi island is located in the northern part of Biliran Island.About 45 mins. pump boat to Kawayan.The island is compose of 13 barangays,it is not just a small island that you can tour for an hour by motorcycle.The place had already electricity and mobile phone signal plus Napo beach resort and concrete road.This is how fast the improvement of my hometown.If you had plan for a visit the best souvenir is the native earthing cooking pot "daba" it has different sizes and styles, coral reefs and home artistic accessories.
And of course , the beautiful beaches surrounded with white sand.I remember the mother in-law of my cousin spend almost three months in the island.She enjoy swimming and sun bathing almost every day.Before, she go back to Austria she never missed to bring corals.If you gonna travel to seek for adventurous desire,solace and comfort Maripipi Island is open and welcome for everybody.


For your Relaxation:

January 6, 2009

The Wedding

Finally, this couple consent of their wedding motif and style.The nuptial ceremony was held in church with beach theme.It is fabulous wedding fashion although they have already a little angel (may inaanak..sowe for late gift :-).I feel happy and best wishes for them!!!!!

Shih Tzu Puppy

I recieve a mail from a friend .I open all the attached file .The attractive picture of this puppy caught my eye thinking that it is just only a forwarded pup pictures from other e-mail account.When , I read her mail it is a true and alive shih tzu pup for sale.This cute pup was born last October 24, 2008.It is a tricolor shih tzu pup.He can lighten you and cheer you up when you go home from work because he is very sweet and playful.This pup had already a 5in1 vaccines.
If you are looking for male shi Tzu pup feel free to post a comment here.

Here are some of his cute images:

January 5, 2009

My E-mail

I have been using my company e-mail account for more than three years, the funny thing is I only discover last night that I can attach until three files at the same time . I just need to click "choose files" and browse will pop up automatically.How about you guys, did you experience like this too ? lol

January 4, 2009

New Years TAG

Got this tag from Madz and Chelle, thanks for sharing this to me my dear! I have never thought about it yet, not just yet, of any New Year's Resolution - making up my mind of what to change or make better though.. uuummmm not quite, shall I be serious about it?... Well, until I got this award, I have to get serious about it! lol....

My 5 New Year's Resolution
1.I will limit my overtime at work and refresh auto cad lesson at home.

2. I will wake up early especially during working days because it takes me two rides to catch up the shuttle bus :-)

3.I will pay the house every 15th and 30th of the month so that I will not suffer stretching my budget during bills payment.

4. I will visit my dermatologist quarterly for my allergy check up. nwayz, it is covered in my health card plus I have my medical reimbursement this year

5.I will give time in my blog at least twice a week..

Do you have your own new year's resolution too? Let me hear it from LINGZ ; PORAY; CAROL;LAURA

January 1, 2009


What I did in holiday ?

find my shoes and attend the new years eve mass

Take pictures,I feel glad to have a digital cam last 2008.Lucky enough to avail a discount.
The only fountain we have..lol ...

my favorite cake.. tata owe this to buy for me

youngest cousin present in here
she is busy putting mallows in hotdog

of course,the boys 24 hours inuman and video oki time

notice,I don't have pic to post because I am the one taking pictures lol...this year hopefully to buy a tripod stand.