October 29, 2009

Cancelled Birthday Party

I had a two days off last week.I plan to update my blog and attend a birthday Party.The birthday party of my friend son which most of the visitors are workmates.The friend rent a videoki and some chairs to accomodate everybody.We also plan to have a barbeque party in the evening.Everybody is excited.I go to Manila early in the morning so that I will came back before lunch time.I would like to join the kids lunch too .In my way home my cousin call me that the birthday boy was hit by a motorbike on the road.He was admmitted in the hospital right away.I feel shock .I hurriedly finish my appoinment.I go to the hospital. The workmates and some visitors directly visit the three year old boy.The birthday party was cancelled ! My heart melted when I see the face of the baby boy.We are in deep breathe as the nurse handed the citi scan result.The result has negative fracture,swelling will be on medication.The three year old boy has six stitches in the forehead.For now he was already discharge from the hospital and in the healing process.It is good that he has no phobia when he see a motorbike.

October 24, 2009


I am back again ! whew.I do not have credits in my entrecard .My adsense widget display only one ad.My blogger friends added my blogsite in their blogroll.I feel thankful to you guys & gals for adding my site.I had a terrible blogger performance this month.I had only five post.I will try my best to update everything my blogsite.To all readers,bloggers and friends.I miss you all guys & gals!

October 8, 2009

Online Banking

Internet is blissful to everyone of us in different ways.We can search topics, words,friends etc. we want to know.Since . last week mother had a problem in checking her account if she has money already in her atm card. It is difficult for her to travel weekly to the city just to check her atm card.I decided to enroll online her account. But, mother forgot her account number so I call to the bank to ask the account number .Unfortunately, the bank costumer service did not give the account number to me because it is confidential.I told mother to personally call the bank hotline.I sign up online using her personal data.It is just easy four steps.I filled up the necessary information then call the bank hotline how long the user id will be activated.It takes only two banking days.Now, I can easily check my mother's account. Then , I just call her if she has already money deposited in the atm.For pensioners who are not living in the city or a place is far from atm machines this way of checking your money is advisable.

October 5, 2009


This is the picture of my favorite classmate in English class.She is a math teacher in an elementary school in calamba.I am browsing my mobile phone and notice that I can edit picture and put a border on it.I chose her picture and I will try to send this to her.This is a candid picture during our class.The teacher is also a volunteer to help victim affected by the typhoon.I missed this girl as we enjoy chatting each other after class.She tell story about her experience being a teacher.One thing I got her is being a positive thinker at all times.

My Mother Cry

Are you a GSIS pensioner?If yes, I guess you also experience a tough situation which my mother experience in waiting her money.The government service insurance system or GSIS declared that pensioners will receive their monthly pension late and that will be September 23 instead of September 8 ,2009.The mother call me and ask money for their allowance.I send money thru smart padala because it is the cheapest way to send money in the province.The charge is 10pesos only for every 1,000 pesos send.In the province there is no atm machine so mother will have to cross the sea to go the city to withdraw.September 24 she go to the city.Her atm card has no money! She call me crying because she do not have money to buy for her food and for the fare in going home.I have a duty at that time.I call the hotline of UnionBank to ask about this problem.The costumer service told me that the GSIS did not remit money yet.Mother told me she is just sitting down near the market area.I told her not to worry because I will send money.In my breaktime , I go in a hurry to the nearest LBC to send her money.I am pity to her. The next day I call the GSIS hotline to complain they told me that it has money already.I go to the union bank to confirm if this is really true.It is.I call to the province but until now mother did not get her money because it is wavey and it is difficult for her to travel.I hope the GSIS will give the pensioners money on time because they are old enough to go back ,to follow their money as they need it badly for food and medicine allowance.

Where I am during Typhoon?

The passed typhoon is really a disaster to the country.The bayanihan system was back to all Filipino people.We are helping each other for the victim.My heart melted when I see the video and pictures of the areas affected by typhoon.I am 24hours duty that day.The management did not permit us to go home because the rain is heavy and the wind was sturdy as it hit the building.As the typhoon get over I feel scared on my way home because the road was still flooded.I remove my shoes.When I arrived home I feel happy that all my things are still dry.The company organized a program to extend help to the victim of typhoon.There are company volunteers who visited the affected place and handed food,clothing,medicines to the families who sufferred.One of my friend lost their house it was covered by mud.We contributed money to help them .We gonna pray those families to recover and back to their normal living easily.

Transition Time

Another quarter was over.We will start now the last quarter before the year end.The time is to fast to move sometimes I feel so bored sometimes I feel hopeless which I really do not know the real reason.I receive a mail it's our transition time.I gonna bid good bye working in a night shift schedule.I like to work in day shift.This is the best time for me to look for money ;-) I had a new buddy.I gonna missed my former buddy who always love to sing and dance if get tired.My new buddy is a good friend too.I chose her because she is hardworking and responsible aside from that she is a real friend!I am happy that we had a transition of work schedule early.But kinda upset the new release work schedule next year.It is still under negotiation all of us are hoping to revise it again because it is difficult to us to work on straight week duty one day off. We are confident that they will changed the scheme.Hope so.

October Update

I will not say I am back again.I will not say I miss blogging.I will not repeat my note in my last post . I will never get tired to say Thank you to all readers, friends ,bloggers who leave messages in my blog and also to those who visited my site in my absence.There are so many things happen, reasons that I couldn't find time to update my post even if I wanted too.I fail to see my mail from paidsite though I miss a tasks to post in my blog I am confident that friends here has no expiry date some will go others will came back.isn't it?I apologize to all of you guys for not making up in visiting your sites.I will soon.