August 31, 2009

How to Secure your Yahoo Mail?

There are many hackers online in the internet some act good while others carry out to trick people for money.isn't it? I put my yahoo mail a "sign in seal" to protect from hacker.What is a sign in seal? It is a secret message or image that you create to protect your yahoo account from phishing.Phishing means to steal your password and personal account information.Phishers create fake website similar to yahoo to trick in disclosing user name and password.How to create a "sign in seal" ?
Go to yahoo mail site and you will notice in the log in area "sign in seal" in the upper right corner.

Create a text seal... Type a short, secret message for this computer
21 character max

* Create a unique message that everyone using this computer will recognize—for example, your street address.
* Don't include your ID or password!

Upload an image... Select an image from this computer to use

* Choose a photo that everyone using this computer will recognize.
* It can be JPEG, JPG or GIF and should be under 2MB in size.
* Tip: Use a close-up that will look good when at small size.

Note.If you have two or more personal computer you should create one sign in seal in each computer.

E-mail Got Hacked

My colleague e- mail was hacked by an unknown person.He was move to Italy for a couple months .He always keep in touch to his workmates.His good friend receive an e-mail from him asking a favor to send 10 pieces of mobile cards and pay it through money transfer so my workmate buy and send the cards after work.Then she send an e-mail using company mail to inform that she already text the card numbers.The later got shocked!His three friends from Philippines complain him about the payment of the cards.They believe that it was really him because of the pictures.The hacker also use the yahoo messenger to explain and give instructions clearly in sending the card number and with web cam showing the image of my colleague.Who would be blame here? nothing...maybe that image is only recorded.Let's secure our e-mails now!

Solar Roadways

I am reading a solar news regarding the release of fund from U.S. DOT proposing to replace roads with solar panels.I cannot believe it! If this project will be successful it would be a good news for us who are working in a solar company.But how solar work if it was covered by snow ?lol.I believe United States have terrible snow for a couple of months.This is an intelligent work.The road will be embedded with heating element in the surface to prevent snow and ice build up providing for faster winter driving.Replacing of asphalt road and parking lots into solar roadway panels will a major step toward halting climate change aside from that the road can sense wildlife on the road and can warn drivers to slow down.The fully electric vehicles can recharge energy along the roadway and parking lots.This is really great project!

August 28, 2009

How to Get Philippine Passport ?

I am searching online agencies abroad that offer jobs in Australia and New Zealand.I was trying to figure out what good things will happen working in other country.I forgot I do not have passport.The agency requirements include passport and personal documents.I have heard about online passport application for renewal but I still accompany cousin to get his passport too.I seek out the requirements online to bring before we go to DFA and also the payment.Here is what I have look for;
  • Personal Appearance is required.
  • Duly accomplished application form.
  • Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO.
  • Three (3) colored photos of the applicant taken against a royal blue background. Applicant should be in decent attire with collar. Photo must be of good quality, and must have been taken within the last six (6) months. Photo size: 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Facial image size: Not less than 3 cm. DFA has the right to reject photos that do not comply with specifications and international standards.
  • Proof of identity / Supporting documents indicating full name, date and place of birth and citizenship
  • Other Supporting documents.

Additional Requirements:

  • For married women, who want to use surname of their spouse
  • Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper issued by NSO or Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO.
  • For married women who would like to revert back to their maiden name

If already widowed: Death Certificate of the deceased husband;

  • If marriage is annulled: Certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on annulment and NSO-issued MC with the annotation on the annulment decree;
  • If divorced: Certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on divorce secured by foreign spouse authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce is obtained.

For Minors (below 18 years old)

  • Personal appearance of either parent (if minor is of legitimate status).
  • Personal appearance of mother (if minor is of illegitimate status)

If minor is NOT traveling with either parent:

  • Original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance
  • Affidavit of Support and Consent

If both parents are abroad:

  • Affidavit of support and consent (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General if not executed before a Consul).
  • Special Power of Attorney (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General if not executed before a Consul designating the representative by name and authorizing him to apply for a passport on behalf of the minor).
  • Passport and photocopy of the passport of the traveling companion of the minor.
  • Identification Card and photocopy thereof of the duly authorized person.

For Muslim applicants

  • For those whose births were registered:

Please refer to requirements for first time passport applicants.

For those whose births were not registered:

  • Late registered Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO)
  • Original and photocopy of Voter’s Affidavit or other supporting documents indicating date and place of birth and citizenship, identity and tribal affiliation.
  • Certificate from the Office on Muslim Affairs (OMA)

For converts:

  • Submit annotated Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA)
  • Court Order granting change of name
  • Shari’ah Court Order
  • OMA Certificate of Conversion
  • Additional supporting documents may be required when necessary.


Brown Passport or issued prior to 01 May 1995

  • Old passport and photocopy of passport pages 1,2,3 (amendment). The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
  • Supporting document with complete middle name.

Green Passport or issued after 01 May 1995

  • Present passport and photocopy of inside and back cover.
  • The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.
  • For illegitimate minor, personal appearance of mother is required.

For married women, who want to use surname of their spouse:

  • Personal Appearance is required
  • Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper issued by NSO or CTC issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO.

For Minors (below 18 years old): Personal appearance of either parent is required.

  • If minor is NOT traveling with either parent:
  • Original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance
  • Affidavit of Support and Consent
  • If both parents are abroad:
  • Affidavit of support and consent (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General if not executed before a Philippine Consul).
  • Special Power of Attorney (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate if not executed before a Philippine Consul designating the representative by name and authorizing him to apply for a passport on behalf of the minor).
  • Passport and photocopy of the passport of person travelling with the minor.


Regular Processing

  • (14 working days)
  • 44-Page = P 500.00

Expedited Processing

  • (7 working days)
  • Additional P 250.00

Replacement of Lost valid Passport

  • 44-Page = P 700.00


  • Marriage Contract
  • Voter’s Registration Record
  • PRC / IBP ID
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Land Title
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Driver’s License
  • Income Tax Return (Old)
  • Government Service Record
  • Old SSS-E1 form/or digitized SSS-ID
  • School Form 137 or Transcript of Records
  • Other documents that show full name and birth details of applicant and citizenship
This is a complete information of getting a passport.

August 27, 2009

Get a Straw

I watch Ruffa and Ai today when I arrived home.The show is good for everybody.The health tips I get today is to use straw in drinking a coffee.why? because, coffee can cause stain in our teeth.Yes, that is true! I love to drink coffee early in the morning.I notice my tooth even my denture has stain.The doctor advise that bleaching of teeth to remove the stain is not advisable because the tooth become slim and it will broke once it become thinner.well, I do not worry for my denture but for my real tooth.

Shoe Cleaner

I have two white rubber shoes used in going to work.It is my working shoes. I wear it almost everyday.The rubber shoes is grubby at the end of the week.I washed it every week.The cousin told me it will be tear down easily. I do not want to wear shoes with foul odor because my foot sweat and it will have a terrible odor if I remove my socks .In my way home I notice a newly opened store.I drop by to glimpse the stuffs they are selling.The store sold personal care products , cosmetics and various accessories.In the display I saw a foot powder .In the lower part a shoe cleaner, nail polish etc.I bought one piece of foot powder and a set of shoe cleaner.The price is cheaper because it is in opening week.When I arrived home I open the set of shoe cleaner.It contains shoe brush,shoe polish ,liquid shoe polish and a piece of cloth.The liquid shoe polish is for rubber shoes.I use a shoe brush to remove the dust in my shoes then I put a liquid polish.I like the odor of the liquid polish.I put my working shoes under the sun to let the liquid polish dry easily.I remove after an hour.It has a good smell even though I did not washed my shoes in a, I found a quick cleaner.

August 26, 2009

OffLine Atm Machine? No worry

I need cash to send money in the province.I go to the nearest internet cafe to transfer funds online unfortunately the bank system was currently down for maintenance. I decided to withdraw a money in the atm machine.I fall in line in the bank atm machine.It takes me 15 minutes already standing in line.I patiently waited my turn to use the atm machine as my turn come the machine becomes unavailable.There is no more cash in the volt to dispense.whew! I feel upset because parents badly needed the money to buy for medicine.I was sitting down in the bench nears the atm machine waiting until it will be online for cash withdrawal. I heard a woman and her daughter talking about "over the counter".The means to withdraw money from atm card in the bank which the atm account opened.I got an idea from the them but I go to another atm machine unfortunately it was also unavailable.The only atm machine working is Metrobank.I do not want to withdraw money in Metrobank because they will charge me in dollar rate.What a bad luck day!I decided to try "over the counter".I go to the bank branch where the company open our atm account and ask in the information desk.The girl handed me a withdrawal slip form to fill up.She told me to fall in line in the teller to get the money.well, thanks to the two girls!

August 25, 2009

Seamstress Friend

the latest stuff I bought

Home curtains and throw pillow cases is expensive in the mall.In the market along my way home there is a small tailoring which a widow woman sew curtains ,throw pillows case ,dress etc.She also accept order and personalized stuff.The woman is late 50's .She told me to call her "lola" or grandma.The seamstress is living alone.Her two children have already their own lives and they migrated abroad.She told me that " my daughter wanted to get me and live with them together" but I feel I will be living alone because they are always busy working.I miss them a lot,she added.I am close her because I drop by in the tailoring shop if I have time and we chat each other.She always talk to me of her children and grandson. I know she missed them.The friendship started when I buy her often a curtains and dress for mother and father.
Last week, I drop in to buy a new curtain and throw pillow case.By the way, the curtain cost only 80pesos each and 30pesos for the pillow case.isn't it cheaper?The seamstress handed me a piece of shirt with my name in front.She told me that she will move already next month to her daughter .I feel happy about her decision because she is getting old and it is difficult to leave alone.The "lola" will move to canada next month . She is kind and will be remembered by me.I wish her goodluck in her journey.

I Enjoy Farming now

I don't play online games. My workmate get crazy of farming.My good friend spend time in planting,watering and harvesting of the farm What is this farm? It is a farm ville and farm town.I am a newbie in face book.My online friend invited me in a farm ville. I explore the farm town.I enjoy playing this online game.How about you guys/ gals? Do you also play farming?This is good for relaxation not for a hobby lol. There are plenty of online games I have search in this website since my workmate play farming so I join farming too.

How to Marcot a Plant ?

I bought a marcot kalamansi tree for my garden .I am curious the procedure in marcotting a plant.I read a clip about marcottage or "air- layering".
Here is the procedure :
1.Girdle or strap the stem of a tree usually branch into two cuts 1/2 or 1 inch apart.
2.Peel the bark off between the two cuts leaving the bare stem.
3.Then wrap a peatmoss or potting soil into the cut area holding it in a place with plastic or aluminum foil.
4.Keep the cut area moist and dark so that the roots will begun to grow from the bark at the top of the strap or girdled area
5.Remove all of the bark and begin to heal of the cut area

Trees will tend to form a fibrous root system from air layers rather than typical tap root system.

I will try this procedure in guava tree.

Bisaya Garden

The neighbor give us a three big bags of soil in excess of their garden. The cousin ask help from me to bring the soil in the yard.We make our own garden too.We bought pieces of hollow blocks to fence in.The goal of cultivating is to plant something that we can use for cooking our main dish.What is our main dish? It is "tinolang isda" in bisaya and "kinilaw" .I bought a marcot kalamansi or citrus tree.The cousin ask a lemon grass or "tanglad" popular bisayan name in good samaritan gay neighbor.I bought a vine spinach or "alugbati" in the market. The garden is not yet complete.We will have to plant a pepper , malunggay or any green leafy vegetables .If we crave to eat "tinolang isda" it is easy to get ingredients for cooking.Everybody in the house will be responsible to watered the plants daily .I told them that it is an order :-) I want them to grow healthy !

Runny Nose

I am not feeling well the whole week.My cold and sore throat is killing me.I have a runny nose . I always bring a hankie and tissue at work.I am counting the time and days left until my rest day.I dilute a pinch of salt in a hot water and gargle thrice a day.It relieve my sore throat . I drink plenty of water and pineapple juice. I do not want to take medicine unless I have a fever already.I stay in the house for one day off at work. I sleep for long hours and cook my favorite dish.I blend and make my own fruit juice.I feel relaxed. I am doing well now!

August 24, 2009


The cousin is cleaning the refrigerator in the house. The freezer is filled with ice packed in a plastic ice wrapper. The ice cube is difficult to remove. whew! because of busy days people in the house forgot to clean the refrigerator.It was unplug to de froze the ice in the freezer. It is stingy and has foul odor . The cousin use baking soda in cleaning inside and outside area.I told her to put a charcoal inside to absorb the moisture and to prevent foul odor.

August 19, 2009

Gift for a Baby

I am thinking a gift for a baby.I bought a piece of souvenir in the mall with cartoon design in front.When I arrived home I stare what I have bought in the mall.I change my mind I kept it in my closet because i think the baby will not like it.I will try to ask first her favorite color before I gonna buy a stuff again.Anyway, if you ask who is the baby? here she is:That is baby Kylee.

"Happy Birthday baby Kylee"
from miles away greetings

The Lifestyle

The newbie blog "The Lifestyle" talks about home,fashion,education,cooking and travel.
My first post is Get to Know Me.

This blog is from the kindness of a friend porayz.Thanks girl!
I hope you will visit my blog and added in my blogroll. I would be grateful for everybody who draw on their time visiting my blog.

Picture at Work

I feel blessed looking at this picture.After a year of looking and moving a right job from different company.I finally found a company that will inspire me and hire me as regular employee.I enjoy working with my colleagues for more than four years.I met special man in my life.I invest a property in my own expense.The tool beside me is my companion at work.I am happy but life is matter of change.I already feel bored working in this tool beside me .How about you guys/gals did you also feel dull in your job?Did you also ask questions to yourself ? Where will I go?What should I do?Life is difficult to predict but I believe things happen for a reason.

Baked Tahong

The neighbor sell tahong everyday.I like to eat tahong cook in adobo or ginisa .The cousin suggest me to cook a baked tahong.I told her I do not know how to cook it.If you have a recipe we will try.She got a recipe from a classmate who is also studying in commercial its is:

16 pcs tahong, steamed and shelled on one side
3 tsp bawang
2 tsp butter melted
1/3 cup melted cheese grated
4 tsp.dressing (like mayonaise any brand will do )

1.Mix mayonaise and garlic in a bowl
2.Put 1/2 tsp of mixture in each piece
3.Put 1/4 tsp butter and grated melted cheese on top of tahong in each piece
4.Then, put in a baking pan.
5.Baked in the oven toaster for 10 minutes or until the cheese melted

Chill product for easier grating.serve.

August 18, 2009

Exotic Food

The popular exotic food in the street is "balut".This is a Filipino delicacy which most people love to eat.What is "balut"? It is a boiled incubated egg with develop embryo of 17 to 19 days.The best balut is "balut sa puti" which is made by allowing the eggs to encubate from 16 to 17 days only.It maybe eaten with or without salt.The best way to eat balut is to dip in a vinegar and salt. This is a good cart business nowadays.

I Got an Excellence Award

I am a member of Statistical Process Control in my process under manufacturing department for more than three years.I am challenge and proud being a member of the team.The company scheduled twice corporate audit in a year for leveling up the process.This means that we need to report to the management of the changes and improvements we have made like cost reduction ,yield so on that will drive to the success of company. Oh well, I do not want to explain those things in my job side because I know all of us have different expertise in life :-) I feel so grateful of receiving this plaque surprisingly .I am inspired of getting this kind of award just like I am getting an award from my blogger friends!

August 14, 2009

Cute Baby

This is a picture of a college friend eldest daughter.After the break up of his eight years girl friend he finally found a woman that will give birth a cute daughter.
I wish you to have more kids soon...

August 12, 2009

I Finally Found a Guy Online

I feel bored today.I could not think any topic to post in my blog.I try to look names in the internet not just names but people who are my friends ,schoolmates and classmates before.I am interested to discern and communicate them. It is so grateful to keep in touch those people who have been a part of my life.I finally found my special someone profile which seldom keep in touch with me for a couple of months.mmmhhh..I am trying to find way to communicate him constantly because he is a good person !I browse my account in friendster.I have seen few friends that link in my account who was already married.I open my facebook account.It is easy to find people online in this site.I notice some of those familiar names have facebook account but no friendster like my ex boyfriend and special guy in my life.whew! They both like the upgraded one.Got his
profile and picture in facebook.Thanks facebook!

August 11, 2009

My EntreCard

I appreciate the statistics page of entrecard.The droppers , credit per clicks and also the number of clicks in my entrecard widget was monitored separately by table for the data and with corresponding pareto chart.Even if I missed for a couple of days top droppers in my Entrecard inspire me to be a blogger.My number one top entrecard blogger is technocase. To all thanks for dropping my new page.In my dashboard I have seen widget that pop up in my window.Before, I ignore those widget .I campaign my blog through categories.I did not know that I can also advertise my blog through those widget that appear in my dashboard.

August 6, 2009


I am exhausted at work and family this days.The clock is too fast to move for me that I did not notice the time and day.whew! It's August already my father's birthday is coming! I wanted to buy a birthday card but I remember father told me to buy a shoes it could be a nice gift.I hope to find and pick a nice one in the mall.To all my friends who endlessly visited my blog I am grateful. Thank you for your time! I am busy but never forget to visit your site back.I miss you all ! To father your always been remembered.