May 31, 2009

The Meow

My kitty meow always wake me up early in the morning.I do not have alarm anymore.I am an early bird girl the kitty too.Before, I hate the kitty because she make pooh pooh in the kitchen.I feel tired cleaning her mess. I am planning to return the kitty but cousin bring the kitty outside the house every time she feed .We talked kitty to pooh pooh outside the house.This past days kitty do not make mess anymore in the kitchen.Now, I am happy for having a pet cat.She catch the mice,cockroaches and play to us.

May 29, 2009

Foriegn Language

It is an advantage to learn foreign before going abroad.English is considered as international language.Today, English Teachers is in demand especially in Asian countries.Online teaching or home study is on business.But, in my country the government offer free training of foreign languages like mandarin,Spanish,french etc.. in TESDA. This is a great opportunity to every Filipinos. They also issue certificate to the students after completing the training.Those who are willing to avail free training do not hesitate to approach TESDA personel.

Are you looking for Online School ?

Learning online benefit working students.Choosing the best online school is quiet difficult because some learning center are not accredited abroad.In medical squad you need an equipped facilities for better training.The St.Augustine School of Medical Assistants is a leader in distance education.This home study program offer flexible schedule for convenience of everybody. You can save here money,time and resources.The online based is fun and easy learning.The medical assistants program can be finished within 6-8 months promising job.If your worry about laboratory practices, it will be trained online together with the basics clinical tasks for medical assistant.Being the leader of online medical teaching St.Augustine School has a complete online services provided to the students.The tuition fee is affordable.It cost only 645dollars! The regular fee for home study program in medical assistant cost 1,215 dollars.If you want to be a medical assistant and get a job easily do not hesitate to enroll online.The tuition fee can be paid through installment basis for three months. This is really a very good deal and certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.

May 26, 2009

Education Path

Teacher is a noble profession.To be an educator is not an easy task without a teacher no engineers, no doctors,no priest so on..Be proud to a part in education squad.I have read a post of pathfinder's commune blog that talks great about learning , love and inspiration. The writings enthuse life in different ways.
I am in the field of engineering but my heart push me to budge my career path as an educator.I am still thinking to ensure and give time to myself so that I am ready to face whatever failures encountered.In my mind its not a mess to pursue another learning.The important is the job would inspire and help other people without a cost.


I am gaining weight nowadays.I gained 10lbs already.Maybe, because of the lady pills that I take everyday.I can't stop taking pills because it helps to correct my imbalance hormone.I decided to enroll in a company gym but my work schedule change quarterly.My workmate told me to buy a Musical Workout.I drop by in the mall to find a DVD or CD. I found one on sale which cost only 100pesos. The Musical Workout by Richard Simmons.oh well, It really works for me. I wake up around 5am , turn on my DVD player and Television and play the CD.whew, I really enjoy it.In my day off the exercise last until 10am.I sweat and I can feel my fats slowly

My Web browser Crashed

I am using Mozilla Firefox because it respond and download in my computer easily.The internet explorer is slow and sometimes it hang up if I open two or more web site.I used goggle's chrome in searching topics online.This week the Mozilla Firefox suddenly crashed and I don't know the reason.I feel annoyed if I am writing a post and it abruptly closed . The cousin do a maintenance of the computer.He set that post will be automatically save and open sites will be restore in case the Mozilla Firefox will crashed.It is good but how about the websites? oh well, my remedy here is to bookmark the important site for easily tracking back the information.

May 22, 2009

Park to Unwind

My friends suggest to unwind in a park or a bar before June class begin.We decided in a park and have a picnic.This is very relaxing style of holiday.In the Philippines, I love to go in Tagaytay because we can visit peoples park in the sky and picnic groove.The park is view of Taal Volcano.How about guys and gals? What is your style of relaxation ?

May 20, 2009

Lucky Day

Finally the cousin pass the TESDA examination today.She chose commercial cooking because it is the only available scholarship program in University of Perpetual Help System near the place with slots.We go to the school and inquire about the course training.They need twenty five students to complete the training.whew, we are lucky because there is still two slots vacant.She sign-up for slot reservation.The cousin will wait the call from the school for the orientation schedule and they will be given sixty pesos allowance daily.It is a great help for this girl!

May 19, 2009


I am happy today because of unexpected payment sent in my pay pal account.I check my yahoo mail and notice an affiliate site sent me a message regarding payment .Just by putting the widget in my blog I earn money! Before, I don't believe in affiliate site but a blogger friend persuade me to join.Thanks girl! It is really awesome to be an affiliate member.Earning money without spending.isn't it good?
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May 18, 2009

The Presentation

We have a power point presentation in Practical English class.I chose the topic "how to make money online" because some of my classmates are moms and they love browsing the net too.I make a well detailed presentation and a bit of encouragement in blogging.I will teach them how to blog and earn money online.I post a steps in blogging with detailed illustration for them to understand the basic concept.

May 17, 2009

The Real Chocolate

In the farm mother and father planted Cacao Tree.We can make money of cacao seeds.The cacao seed is use to make cocoa or chocolate.Every time we harvest the neighbor and family friends order cacao seed to parents while others real chocolate ( tabliya in Waray).The cacao seed is dried,roasted and shelled to obtain the center cacao kernel.We sold the cleaned packed seed per kilo.This is my parents extra income aside from copra in the farm.Mother and father visit the farm regularly to check if there is a ripe cacao fruit.

Gifts for Everyone

Looking a nice gift is difficult especially if your on budget.If you want a jewelry set or a cosmetics set present it is expensive.Let's say you have to budget 1,000pesos.How about if you chose a personalized items?I guess it is cheaper.The sense here is your gift is heartily given to a person regardless of cost.isn't it?I handed a mom agenda planner last Mother's day not only to mother but also my father lol. Because, I know they can easily forgot things like birthday,anniversary or special occasions.When, I see the planner mother wrote things that she wanted to do this year.While father wrote birthday and fiesta celebration.The two always put the planner on study table and update regularly.I do know what else they have written in the planner.Mother said"That's a very nice present".If I go home to the province , I order personalized monogrammed key fobs for friends.This is a good gift and souvenir from me.It only cost 12 dollars.This cheaper compared to other personalized items on store.I have also special gift present for kids and cousins.It is a monogrammed koozies which is best for them.Because, they love to go to the beach and highlands.They always carry juices in their bags.So, it is better if you sip cold juices.Guys, and gals if you get confused what gifts you will give feel free to visit and browse the site above and get affordable items online.

May 15, 2009

The Oregano

I have a cough suffer for almost a month maybe because of weather changed.I get tired taking medicine.My throat itches and I am coughing all day.It's not my attitude to visit the doctor just for cough .The neighbor told me that Oregano ( in Tagalog) or Clavo ( in Visaya/Cebu) is good for cough.She handed me oregano leaves. She told me to extract and drink the juice every morning and before going to bed.For one week my cough disappear.Another, is decoction of two tablespoon of dried leaves to a pint of boiling water taken one hour before and after meal relieve my sore throat too.Thanks it help and save me in buying meds!

A Ticket

I get a friend ticket online.She call me yesterday that I will change her flight because her training extend until last week of May.I told her to visit the ticketing office of the plane because I don't know how to re book online and she does not know too.She go to the ticketing office and change the flight schedule but the cashier cannot confirmed the payment.She was advice to pay online using the same confirmation.What I did is I get the confirmation code and pay her balance using credit card.To save all changes it is necessary to tick the finalized bottom for confirmation of the flight scheduled.

May 13, 2009


I really enjoy the company of Cambridge people.Aside, from the learning my classmates are very friendly and professional.It is nice to get along with them specially to my mentor.They did well in teaching a Practical English lesson.I gain friends and knowledge in Cambridge.This summer training is quiet memorable !

The Chikka

Do you have mobile phone?How often do you buy a load ? I spend a lot my mobile phone because I cannot avail promo of text messages.why? Because, my mother does not know how to open and read text messages.Father cannot make out to use a mobile phone.Every time , I contact them I do always make a call.We talk almost an hour .I did not benefit the call promo because the signal in my hometown is choppy.I sign-up in chikka for free text messages.I can send free messages to my friends , workmates and relatives.My load balance is allotted only for parents call.But, I am planning to buy credit in skype depends upon which is cheaper.I hate if I will be out of budget already.


I apply as a part time teacher in a grades school nearby my place.I submitted my resume and teacher Stella give me a topic for demo the following day.I am willing to teach Math, English ,Chemistry but those subjects are for full time only.I try the computer part time teacher.My demo topic is all about "Web Browser".I search references in the internet and demonstrate it through power point presentation.This is my first time to demo a lesson.It is a good experience but I am not convinced that I did it well.I am still hoping that they gonna give me a chance as part of their institution.Wish me Luck guys! I really need an part time job.


I have a new pet at home.My cousin bring a kitty in the house.The color is white.She is a kitty girl and we named her "kay-kay".The kitty is shy.She ate the food when we are already out in the kitchen.I hope "kay-kay" will catch the rogue because they are cruel.We cannot put our groceries outside the closet and they destroy also the rugs.


Are you looking a gift to a very special person? I remember special day, anniversaries, mother and fathers day so on.I always give present to a person close in my heart.I recently handed a bath towel for mother last mother's day.I personalized the towel.I chose a green color because it is her favorite tint.The monogrammed towel wrap has dotted pink border (show in picture).Mother is very happy! This towel wrap cost only 30 dollars which is not bad because the cloth is soft and comfy.If your searching a present for your kids a very nice children's die cut sticker will do.It is made of multicolored material that kids surely attract.You can also customized the text up to four lines.You can put your greeting , name and note or motto.The average size 2.5" x 2.5" is a perfect picture for a sticker.How about for your loved one's?oh well, I will recommend you a site for a personalized monogrammed coffee sleeves this is a unisex present and a good souvenier too.You can chose the design and color combination.The price is only 12 dollars .isn't it cheap? I buy coffee sleeves as a collection.

May 8, 2009

Unwind Yourself

What do you do to unwind yourself?oh well, we have many styles to pamper ourselves. My fashion of relaxation is going to the mall.Since, today is economic crisis my budget is not for mall hopping anymore instead for basic needs.I decided to switch my style by watching a movie and reading pocketbooks at home.I exchange pocketbooks to the neighbor and friend.How about DVD movies?I found a site that is cheaper.It is a blockbuster store where all my favorites movies found. Find out why the site is blockbuster.I am sure you will be interested too.

Parker Pen

I had a late birthday present from a good friend"its a red Parker pen" .I was surprise when the guard handed me a mail pack yesterday in the company.The sender is anonymous.But, when I opened the pack their is a note and a nice pen.I am not expecting a birthday gift at all from a friend because close friends forgot to message me a birthday greetings.Maybe, they are busy at work or family.But, this girl dictum is "better late than nothing".Thanks friend for the parker pen!


I occupied my time reviewing my British American lesson in English.This is an interesting part of my Practical English class.I learn words that have the same meaning but different spelling like color and co lour. In my readings before in an English pocketbook and magazines,I usually bring pocket lesson makes my vocabulary wide and develop my writings a bit.Learning few words in American British is motivating myself to study international language.

Get One

I observe the entrecard widget lately that it will automatically change to "GET ONE" if you did not log in the Entrecard account.Before, the Entrecard widget remain "DROP" even if you didn't visit the site weekly.Blogger with Entrecard coerce to log in the EC account for update no escape.How about you guys and gals did you notice EC "get one" too ?

Secure your Home

Do you have nanny or house maid at home? I guess so.Especially both wife and husband are working.The time is not enough to take care the kids all day and do chores at home.Guys, Gals be cautious in choosing a house maid because not all people can be trusted.I will tell you a scenario of a crook housemaid.My aunt is looking a house girl,her good friend recommend one.The girl came from Manila and move in the province thru a friend too.She is in 20's and look nice. My aunt is not stress anymore doing households.The girl is hardworking and flexible.After, three months we notice the girl has caller in her mobile phone.They talked almost everyday at mid night.She told us she already missed her family and it is cheap to call at night because she is using all night call. So, we told her to take a nap at day time.My cousin arrived from US for vacation.She also notice the house girl unlimited night call and she was not convinced that she is chatting with family member.We just ignore it as long as she finished the household chores.It was first sunday of the month and cousin want to attend the first mass.We try to convinced the girl to go with us but she said she will attend the mass in the afternoon.We didn't forced her.She was left alone in the house.After, mass we go home to get things going to the Park.Unfortunately, the girl was not in the house.We ask the neighbor but they did not notice.My cousin go to her room in a big surprise all the things she packed from US was not there.We call aunt friend if the girl go back to them but she was not there.My cousin is asking a biodata or NBI clearance of the housegirl but aunt didn't ask for it because she is confident that she found an honest person.Anyway, we have pictures of the girl.I don't want to post it here maybe in some other way.This is a lesson if we have a newhelper we have to be secure by asking a biodata,Birthcertificate or NBI clearance so we have a clue where she came from.

May 7, 2009

Over the Top Award

This award was given to me byD Anjhels, a new friend here in blogosphere. You can visit her blog D Anjhels

To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!

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I want to share this tag to all my new friends in blogosphere namely: Lindz, SweetPinay, Jane, Ria,Madz, and to those who are in my Favorite list. Feel free to grab it!!!

May 4, 2009

Another Try

I have send a lot of application on websites that offer part time online.I am frustrated searching a part time online that will not conflict my broken work schedule.I experienced online interview twice but I don't have a luck after the interview unfortunately I did not receive any update in my application.One recruiting company of tutors and part time teacher in a blog make my interest again.I filled up the application form online.Just another try! I was surprise that they contact me easily for interview.Wish me good luck!

The Latest

I tried to contact my cousin in Qatar so many times.It's been a long time that we did not get in touch with each other since my mobile phone lost.I search his name in friendster ,my space ,hello world,facebook etc. and even dating websites but I was disappointed.I can't remember his mobile number and address anymore.I am confident that he found a good job because he is patience and hardworking skilled guy.Until, one day I receive a message in my friendster.The message is from my cousin who is also looking for me.I was surprise because he has no friendster account!It is good that his workmate has friendster and convinced him to make an account.He had also a hard time looking my profile at first because I change my name in my friendster account that's why he couldn't search me.I updated my account months ago and uploaded some pictures.So, he finally found my profile and send me a message.Now, we keep in touch with each other already !

May 3, 2009

Filipino Fight

The glory of Manny in the boxing ring is also a glory of Filipino people.He is a very good fighter,honest and disciplined person in all his games.I don't like a boxer strategy that kept holding to his rival lol.My friend invited me to watch in a theater but I feel lazy to go out .I decided to stay home and watch the fight on Television . It is not a good fight.I thought it last eight or seven rounds.But, it ended two rounds only! Mabuhay ka Manny!

Clean up Day

I have no appointment today .It is quiet boring if you wake up early in the morning without job to do. I already finished my laundry, cleaning the furniture in the house,take a bath the puppies on.I decided to clean my personal computer.I organized the save files in the desktop.I delete some unnecessary files in the desktop.Now , the computer was already organized from files to games.

May 1, 2009

Labor Day

The neighbor print a resume in the house early for the job fair in SM Mall. He is an accountancy graduate looking a job.He is a working student guy.I value his patience and hard work of working in a food chain for four years.I am sure there are lot of company and applicants present in the Mall.I wish him Good luck to find a right job soon!