July 30, 2008

Lonesome Birthday

I just try to write down a new post in my blog about tata's day.Today, is 25th birthday of Tata.A week before we have plan what to do in his birthday but eveything was not carry out. My time is occupied at work doing chart updates for our upcoming company audit.I had already overlook that july 30 is tata birthday because of busy day .My cousin didn't even forget about tata's birthday good that she remind me. Just a simple birthday greetings I could give him.and I go to work early for our pre-audit and tata too , so we didn't prepare anything and we extend our duty until 9pm.Last year, we celebrate his birthday in a restaurant and watch movie a date type because he is not yet my boyfriend .I know its tata's memorable day .
It is unjust for him because, In my birthday tata buy my favorite butter cake and since I am newly transfer in the house we and my friend who is also our neighbor celebrate my birthday..
Today, I see Tata's face gloomy .
anywayz, maybe I could make up next year ...

July 29, 2008


Im in the vein of potatoes : fries potato, boiled potato,mashed potato etc..
I don't fail to buy potato in the market weekly.I make out that it is rich in minerals and vitamin B and C .Plus ,tatoes are good source of fiber, low sodium and recommended for those who have high blood pressure or suffer from kidney stones.Another, thing I like to eat potato because it is energizing and sufficient source of carboydrates perfect for weight-conscious! :)

at work

I have been busy at work for one day I didn't open my blog.Yesterday, Im thinking to write a new post but when I arrived home my eyes are already burning.so, I go to bed early and woke up early to do my laundry...This week is very hectic for me because of the upcoming statistical process control audit . Company event were everybody are busy updating there charts in machine or in process. I have already finished mine today, I oblige to render 24hours duty in the company just to finish my update. Maybe next, I could practice more to draw on JMP software and macromedia flash as well as charting.
It is challenge for me to be in a team ( old team n pixs) where we have to present charts to the managers and company bosses.I can reminisce my college days that if I feel nervous I have to forgot some important phrase to say .

July 26, 2008

Mobile Internet

Since, I started blogging Im always keyed up to check my blog shout mix if there is someone dropping a message for me or xlinks . Im working in a night budge until the month of september and before I sleep in the morning I never missed to open my computer and do something in my blog.
Yesterday,I didn't write down anything . I keep myself busy adding widget and browsing blogs.
All blogs I have read are very interesting.I take a nap around 2pm already and woke up at 5pm.
When, I arrived at work my co-workmate chat me about opera mini installed in his mobile phone and now he can access internet where ever he is for free.It has a handly sensible internet speed connection .
When, Im not busy I scrounge his mobile for me to browse my blog.Colleagues was surprise about my blog.Im setting up next week to put in opera mini in my mobile :)

July 24, 2008

Three stunning Beaches

Every year we had company outing.There are 3 beaches in Batangas which company stumble on for the best choice.Finally, Canyon Cove prevail . I enjoy spent time swimming, others enjoyed in parlor games which headed by company big bosses.. The place had billiards, volleyball, jetski, banana boat....etc. complete for relaxation.

July 23, 2008

Yub Place

Maripipi is the island where I came from it faces to .gonna think where it is?Visayas Region.In the province of Biliran,Philippines before we are in the zone of Leyte by 2005 Biliran separated.I can't just imagine how my place swiftly improve.Before, we have no electricty, no vehicles ..only a single old truck owned by chinese businessman.I never experienced to watch television until I graduated elementary, at home we don't have gas stove we use wood as fuel for cooking.Life is so simple.Saturday all of us go to the farm ( nanay,tatay ,yub and my DOG)...we have planted crops,coconut etc..we have a nipa hut where we cook our food for lunch after meal I go to the peak place where I could watch the beautiful islands.It is very relaxing around 4pm we already go home.Fresh vegetables, fruits, fish..everything was there.
Recently, I visited my hometown it perk up hastly.The place and the people changes a lot.Only few do farming,children was already updated in television programs,games etc. Elementary school was supported by solar energy for the students to do film showing.Highschool know already how to use computer.Im feel that everybody is blissful and Im proud to be.

Girls Site

Im a cosmo magazine girl since I started working.It is my routine to dropby in the BOOKSALE when ever I go to the mall.I need only back issue..lol....much cheaper. My 100 peso penny can have 2 cosmo already.Last night im scanning pages and this topic caught my eye: "SKIN FATIGUE"..
they introduce "gloww" here as complete skin nourishing formula..it prevent skin fatigue which triggers poor diet connection,rough,dry,pimpled and wrinkled skin etc. especially womens ages 25 to 45 years old.It really makes my interest but my magazine issued last october 2006.So, I browse in the internet what this product all about
.I got to search feedbacks about GLOWW...and get some health and beauty tips there too...

July 20, 2008

Stress plus Fatigue Fighter

Pinays live in a lovely tropical country and you'd be loving it......except that you feel like a slug when your alarm goes off or by midday.Plenty psychological things can drain energy plus emotional stress can be just tiring.Also,working in a manufacturing firm;call centers;Offices... loaded with paper works.. projects ..meetings or appointments and even moms at home who is working all day in the house causes energy slump too.

I want myself to be stress free, but working in a manufacturing company I can't escape.I know if im on stress because dandruff comes out in my head..geeesh....for now I gonna had to maintain hotoil and I use ph shampoo plus conzace vitamins.I feel good it work.

Here are some Fatigue fighter I could share you can just on to see if one of these sneaky energy zappers could be keeping you from feeling rested:

Eating some nuts with your fruit-proteins and fats stabilize blood sugar;thus send your blood sugar sky -high and what goes down will come high.Another, if your working in a chilled area your body produces heat and it consumes energy,plus being uncomfortable result tiredness so, pacing to pump up your blood-try walking to talk to co-workers instead of sitting down and facing your laptop all day.

Yub gets grip in Blogging

As I get hook in my friend blog it give me an idea to someday I can make a page to share with in blogging.First thing that keep in my mind is to have my own computer & internet connection.Budget is @ risk ?I start saving this year . My overtime and allowances throw in a lot and its not a mess.Of course, I need a fastest internet .Yub easily get annoyed dawdling connection..introducing http://www.smartbro.com/ especially prefecture areas is preferred.
Thanks also to my friend who lead me in this web.For you to get her rousing page its just simply
http://www.porayz.com/ .

July 19, 2008

All about TaTa

After,I get well the distress of my x-boyfriend break up whom been a part of my life for more 3 years,Tata startlingly came into mylife. He is the eldest among the 4 siblings,knowing him started last December 2006 in a company christmas exchange gift which almost everybody's do even at home.Ordinary practice is picking up of roll paper with names.Fortuitously,he pick mine.
Unfortunately, he ask one of my workmate who is also my friend about who am I.
The awaited Day came he hand over me a soft puppy stuff with long ears.
All that started about me & tata for almost 3 months finally he wins my heart.( still im having a second thought for tata if we will work...hope it is. ) I like Tata for being understanding all my childish act.Hope he will be like that forever.lol. And if I get mad ,he will buy one brownies or cook food or hang-up in the mall .
Tata loves to collect gadget magazines sometimes we have to bicker in the mall because he wanted to go first in gadget section or gadget magazine corner and watch out the latest T3 issue.T3 includes not only latest gadgets model but also gadgets prices,tips in selecting or buying gadgets , etc. If your fond of gadgets just find out in T3 MAGAZINE it will help .Even, if Tata can't afford to buy those things still he update himself latest gadgets model.I remember he told me "this is one of my interest" huh! I thought He gotta lot of interest in me ONLY....how pretty & nsexy I am ...cliche'd :-)

July 18, 2008

The Philippine First Solar Car

Manufacturing industry loads mostly in the provinces of Laguna,Cavite,Subic...Batangas.Semi conductor in which typically japanese investor attract to live in the Philippines.Almost four year ago a new -fangled Solar Manufacturing was stablish in the Laguna Technopark which deployed engineering professionals from different institute. Sunpower as the first wafering in the Philippines give a jovial support to engineering students in DLSU - sinag - to craft this solar car be possible.To view more heres the link: http://sinag.dlsu.edu.ph...
We can browse here how the first Philippine Solar Car compete in Australia last 2007.
This is another challenge to us . ..
An inspiration and be proud to be one of the brilliant Filipino :)