December 30, 2008


I pack those stuffs at home,put in a box before I bring to the courier so that I can pay less than I will buy a box in their office.After two days,
I receive a long distance call early this morning from a family.

Finally, my package arrive in the province !!They are surprise because of my busy work schedule no package was expected. I just send them a new dress for the coming new years day attire :-) plus groceries.And,also some curtains in the house which I seldom use. Because, I remember mother change our curtains at home when new year comes.

December 28, 2008

Blogger TesT

I am six months now in blogging. Sometimes it is frustrating in joining paid post specially if you have not given a chance for task or opportunity.isn't it? The challenging part is if you have two or more assignments in different paid sites given in week and approved your post easily.You earn money now! right ? How about if you have submitted your blog in a paid sites and disapproved it three times? This is my tough experienced in blogging aside from sleepless nights . At first, I get upset but I take it as a challenge. I know some blogger come across in this situation too. My first blog was approve but it was not given a chance anymore in the marketplace because it did not met the quality rank during the blog audit because of my grammar and writing style.This week I was surprise because my first blog was approve by another paid site after countless rejection mail.I feel happy now!

A Gift

My cousin receive a Christmas gift from kuya today. Kuya
( eldest half brother ) is working in Quatar , the wife send the money thru instant peso pak( LBC or Lllulier ) .The wifey is thoughtful to cousin eventhough we have not met her in person.The exchange of txt messages in mobile phone helps a lot.I told cousin to send the 1000peso to the province for his father and two brothers to spend this new year.We send it thru instant peso pak too so that they can get the money easily.When we arrived home she told me that "I don't have sovenier in my christmas gift " answer is " Be happy that your brother and father can buy now a grocery and prepare something for new years eve ..." whew! It is hard to be a broken family member :-(

December 20, 2008

I need a ShoeRack

Today is housekeeping day.Early in the morning I scrub the floor and wipe down the window.Change the curtains and doormats to geared up the house this coming Christmas and New year.I am planning to buy a new TV and DVD rack taller than the old one so that it will give out a space in the living area.In my room all my sundries was already place in a small cabinet.I notice that we have no shoe rack lol..take a look in the pics.That is what I did in the rubber shoes while sandals and heel shoes are put in a box.


Our Christmas party was already done . My workmate handed me a cute wall decor during the exchange gift .The unpainted wall in the house is no longer a barely look.

December 15, 2008

Family Care

I want to share some health tips ;

  • Suffering from cold sores : use a q tip to dab red wine directly onto the sore ,leave overnight and repeat every 4 hours the next day.
  • For Eye bags : try placing shredded raw potatoes in a cloth and placing it on your eyes.The enzymes found in the potato helps sooth eyes and reduce swelling
  • For Bug Bites : apply a thick paste of baking soda and water to the affected area
  • Minor Wounds : a small amount of lemon juice poured on to wound can help stop bleeding and disinfect the injury.
  • Effective Mouthwash : mix a 50/50 lemon juice and water

December 14, 2008

Make Money Now

Blogger join different paid sites to earn and save money in blogging.But sometimes it is frustrating because some paid sites require high page rank,good traffic and audit your post if it did not pass their quality requirement you cannot receive a market place anymore which your earnings depend.I join blogging for almost six months, it is fun when I get paid in my writings.I had two blog which make me money.Don't you ask how much I earn? It is fifty dollars in all. I know some blogger get paid more than that in their blog.But, I am very happy that instead of hanging out in the mall during my day off now I make money at home.I am a member to a new paid site check this out make money blogging you can submit your blog here .This site approved my blog easily for only one day.I was surprise the quick process they had to review my blog . I thought it will count weeks like in other paid sites.

Another good thing for being a member in this site is they offer 15 dollars for referral payment by only posting the code in your blog. Isn't it fun?The payment will be credited directly to your pay pal account every first day of the month.There is a challenging part here as a blogger.The best post will receive an extra payout of twenty five dollars. wow! I wish my post will be the best one in a months to go. It makes me surprise if my fifty dollars will double.This could be a great help for me as a new blogger.

It is easy to join simply log in get paid to blog and fill up few information for your profile and finances.Get a code , copy and install to your blog by adding the code to blog template. Go back to the site and verify if your blog was successfully registered in the site.Once your blog approve you can check it out for market place offer.It is easy. Don't waste time be a member now!

December 8, 2008

Loan Application

Did you experience to follow up your loan for almost a month?If you asked me, "yes I did" . Last month, I apply a multi purpose loan in the company because I want to join in Philippine Stock buying.My workmate encourage me to join because her money gain already securely. My requirements are recent one month payslip and tax number.It took 3 weeks before my loan approved.It makes me sad because I am expecting that my approve loan will be greater than 10,000peso.The loan granted to me is 5,000peso only and it cannot afford to buy a 500 shares in the Philippine Stock.But, in unsecured funding source you can apply personal loans without documents.It is easy,simply log in the online application for 2 minutes .The maximum credit line they grant is 150,000dollars which is not bad.

After,I will get paid my company loan business financing is my next target to have a capital in joining commerce.The highest loanable amount is 250k .That would be enough for starting up a business.In a lending offices or bank you will need to sign documents and colateral as a proof you are responsible paying your debt.How about if you need the money soon?No need to worry.Just log in small business loans at unsecured funding all loans granted for just 48hours .No need to follow up and spend money for documents.Working capital is very important in starting up a business.But, make sure that your loan payment had great rates and affordable terms so don't hesitate to visit those sites above.

December 5, 2008

A Call

I receive a call in my mobile phone this morning from a friend.Actually, it was a surprise call because we did not meet each other for a long time and the number is strange to me since it was not stored in my phone book.But, I still answer the call .I could still recognized her voice . We enjoy talking back our past naughtiness in grade school.Our conversation was cut for almost 10mins chatting .I think her load balance get empty.Anyway,I will call her back sometime.The 20peso load for 20mins promo in a network is very cheap and thrift for a long distance call.

December 4, 2008

Blog Love Award

Thank you CHELLE for passing this award to me. It's my honor to have his award.

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I'm passing this award to poray, Laura , Ria , Chubskulit , Chethstudios and Marls

December 1, 2008

Future Cars

Would you like to drive a car like this?
I have read mail from a friend that in the near future this is already the style of most cars.It look expensive,nice and easy to park because of the small space.But, this is only comfy for two person.