June 30, 2009

Avoid Muscles Cramps

How often do you experience muscles cramps?I work six days a week for twelve hours if we have overtime.I suffer muscles cramps after work especially before going to bed when my legs are rest.The awful is it ruined my sleeping routine because I can't sleep early if my legs suffer the pain.Why we suffer muscles cramps?In our daily activities we need to sweat.right?If we sweat salt and electrolytes in our body losses.The fluid in the space between our muscles shrinks.As it shrinks the space between nerve to muscles connection becomes hyper sensitive.In this,we begin to get little twitches that can eventually evolve into full blown muscles cramps.How to avoid muscles cramps?Sometimes we didn't recognized that we sweat and losing fluids especially in cold room temperature.It is advise to take a drink every 15 minutes.To be sure you're consuming a right amount of fluids measure your personal sweat rate.How? Simply, weigh yourself before and after work or doing a work out.The amount of weight you lost is your sweat rate.You need to consume 20 to24 ounces of fluid for every pound of weight loss to replace both sweat and urine.try it!

June 29, 2009

Anonymous Caller

My cousin is running upstairs to call me because my mobile phone ring.I see an anonymous caller.I was surprised as I answer the phone.It was a call from University Perpetual Help System registrar office.They call me about the TESDA scholarship program which I apply for my cousin.They inform me that orientation for commercial cooking batch 3 will be this coming July 01.My cousin is very happy and I am happy too because she will not be bored in the house.I hope she will do her best in school so that she can avail other scholarships .

No Doctor !

I have a mouth sore which I already suffer for a week.I already take dequaline and bactidol as the doctor in company clinic recommend me.In my last day of work I am chilled and my temperature is high.I have a fever.I guess my mouth sore was infected because I cannot eat anymore solid food.I take pain reliever to ease the pain.Sunday is my day off.I go to Calamba Medical Doctors for check up.In the card verification section we are ten who waited medical personnel to assist us.It already took an hour that nobody entertain our cards.Everybody is busy which I don't know things they are doing.The lady on my back chair keep murmuring because she waited already more than two hours.I was irritated sitting and waiting which I don't know how long I will wait.I ask the girl in admitting section.She told me " I have to wait until we are entertained."I don't want to argue her because I am in bad mood and I am already chilling and I cannot talk much because my mouth sore.I leave the hospital and go to Calamba Doctors.My goodness! I really had a bad luck this day!The medical assistant told me " No Doctor available for check up every sunday!"What kind of hospital is this?are they having a 24/7 service ? Whoever living in laguna with health card.Don't waste your time going to this hospital for check up on sunday.So,I decided to go Health way in alabang for my check up.

June 24, 2009


The janitor in the company vend us fried peanuts everyday.Although, it is forbidden in the company's code of conduct we told the janitor to hide the fried peanuts in his bag secretly.This is against company code but its a decent job to earn extra money for living. We are just pity to the janitor because he is already living alone.His mother and father was already passed away while his brothers and sisters are living in the province with own families.Today,I missed the peanuts because I did not see him in the production area early this morning.Everyone of us are asking the janitor work schedule. As,I get a chance to talk his peers they told me that his duty was already in the night shift.oh well, Next week is our transition time so I can get in touch to this guy again for his fried peanuts.

June 23, 2009

Make a Trap

Do you know how to make mosquito trap ? Guys, H1N1 is also like dengue . It can cause death.Let's be cautious what is happening in our environment before its too late.I have read a clip in a magazine that I bought last sunday.This is very good try out and I know it works.
I will share you how to make a mosquito trap.It's just a mixed of water ,brown sugar and yeast.This is not expensive rather to buy spray for flies and mosquito which I am allergy of the odor.
Here it is:

1. Cut a plastic bottle in half, keep both parts. Can be Coca Cola / Pepsi bottle.
2. Take the lower portion of the bottle. Dissolve the brown sugar in hot water.
Let it cool down to ~70 degF.
3. Add the yeast. Carbon dioxide will form (This will attract the mosquitos)
4. Cover the bottle with a dark wrap and place the top portion upside down like a funnel. Place it in a corner in your house.
5. In 2 weeks you will be surprised by the number of mosquitos killed.

Do you love to travel?

There are families who loved to trek especially summer even if they have kids.It is complex to travel if you bring two or three kids.right?I have a friend with three kids.The youngest is only two year old while the eldest is six year old.In the subdivision we have an overnight summer get together affair in a resort.It is four hours travel from our place.It is quiet far but the place is relaxing and nice!My friend bring her three kids.I am already expecting it because I saw her with pink kids packpacks as she lug for her family personal things. I like the style of the bag it is durable with magnetic snap and comfy shoulder straps so she don't complain the weight of the bag.

I search a toddler backpacks for my niece which has the same style. I want to give on her birthday as my gift.My friend bought those stuffs online.She chose a very good website in buying those belongings.The price is affordable and it save time and effort going to the mall.The site offer also personlized items for gifts !

The funny idea that a friend bought is a nap mat for the kids. She bring it in the resort so that if the kids will fall asleep she let them sleep beside her while she play cards with us for fun.She has no nannie but her husband give way to take care of the kids.The nap mat is available in different colors.In my opinion it is better to buy a unisex color like in the picture .It look likes a small
traveling bag only with a price of 42 dollars.

June 21, 2009

My Pets Enemy

I have pets in the house a dog,cat and rabbit.I love pets in opposite of my neighbor.Early in the morning kitty go to their yard.The woman throw small stones to kitty so, kitty run away.She always do that when she see a dog or kitty besides the pets does not harm her.I don't know why she hate my pets.My good friend in the other lot told me that my neighbor want to kill my dog because the dog is noisy.My goodness! The job of a dog is to bark.I can't stop it .The doggy has a cage its clean and I took her a bath everyday.I am pity to doggy because she cannot play outside anymore because neighbor get angry and she always throw something to hit the dog.ngrrr...What kind of attitude is this woman ? I don't like trouble my next plan is to put a wall on their side so that she can't see my pets anymore.

June 19, 2009

Effective Means to Increase your Sales

When we talked about business it is basically sales , right?In sales you need clients or customers to survive your business.The customers is not permanent if they don't like anymore the quality and cost of product they will suspend their order. In business, you need to collect and promote your product to the customer constantly.Just like in the company we have group of call center agents who is responsible to maintain customer relationship,sales and receive orders.The cost has a big impact in the company.But,it is necessary to adopt new technology for business solution in order to be competent in the society.The market communications is a 24x7 telecommunication provider specialize in sales, installation and maintenance of mission critical trading system. They offer a best breed of business solution to assist all your needs.

Why market solution is important in your business?Let's say you have clients from different countries and places across Philippines.It is time consuming and costly to coordinate them
one by one.In market communications ,it offers products and services like IPC, Highspeed Data,Wireless solutions etc. the mission critical platforms mention was explained in the site by detailed. This type of communication technology help us to hands on and focus in business.why ? because,clients daily complains will be address directly to the right person.To contact a best technical support provider just browse and fill up the form online.Don't worry you can save here and get a chance to frequently increase your sales.The staff of market communications are well trained professionals and has initiative to form personal relationship with customers.You don't need to fret your business relationship with the customers.They also owe in installation and maintenance of critical platforms.The market communications staff are always ready to assist all your requests.The office can be contact by e-mail or phone depend what transactions you want to do.Their product and services fits in different types of business.This is a rubost technology solutions so, you can benefit here in many ways to increase your business profit and cost reduction.

June 18, 2009

H1N1 virus

The H1N1 virus which originated from swine was already well known because its fatality increase rapidly.In the Philippines some schools alter their first day of classes to ensure that H1N1 virus will not spread out in the campus especially several students came from abroad as they spent their summer vacation.The media update the status of this H1N1 virus to the people.The department of health was equipped of medication for H1N1 patient.In the company we have salary deduction vaccine for prevention of flu.I feel bad because of my allergy in egg and chicken ,I cannot avail the vaccine :-( That's why ,I always carry alcohol or hand sanitizer everywhere I go .I also drink plenty of fluids and eat fruits as my health shield.

June 17, 2009

Mall Hopping

It was my first time to visit mall of asia last sunday.lol..It was unplanned mall hopping.I go to the airport to fetch my mother.I notice the taxi has expensive rate.I decided to take a bus and drop by in the mall of asia.It is a near mall from the airport.The place is very nice!

My Denture

I have my denture since second year high school .My teeth is defective because I am fond of eating chocolate.My mother provide vitamin C but it's not enough to save my tooth because the dentist visit us once a quarter only.My tooth is a big problem since I started in high school. I change my denture every other year because my tooth get defective one at a time and if extraction was done I can't use my denture anymore.It is expensive.
Yesterday, I eat a kropeck (chicharon baboy). I am craving it.I feel bad because my denture broke.I immediately go to the dentist near the house for repair.The dentist told me that my denture is only made a cheap kind of plastic material.I told him "it's a US plastic".He told me " it is not a US plastic because if it is made of US plastic it will not broke into two ".I guess so.Becuase, it last only for two years.

Discomforts of Pregnancy

The pregnant mom is lucky enough if she does not experienced morning sickness and food aversion during first trimester of pregnancy.In my family, I notice it is tough to handle pregnancy maybe because of late marriage issue. The woman in late 30's need attention and health care provider to secure pregnancy status.Just like my mother she give birth to me at the age of 37 .whew! I'm not a menopausal baby.lol.I have still a brother unfortunately God taken him from us in 7months old. I have read a clippings in the house regarding ways to minimize pregnancy discomfort.

For Morning Sickness:
This may occur not only in the morning but any time of the day and often subsides after first trimester.

What to Do:
  • Avoid offensive smells,since they can trigger nausea
  • Figure out what foods or beverages ease your nausea and eat them.
  • Keep your bedroom window open at least one to two inches when sleeping
  • Get enough fluids
  • Don't allow yourself to get too angry

Food Aversions:
The time that you cannot stand the sight or smell of a certain food.It may even be a food that you loved and ate regularly.

What To do:
  • Don't be concerned unless you can't stomach an entire food group
  • If possible leave the cooking to someone else and stay away from food preparation areas
  • Try eating foods cold or at room temperature since the aroma will be minimized.


This post is no sense to people without head lice while others are experiencing and taken it in serious treatment.Head lice and dandruff both itches the scalp.My cousin is prone of head lice.I really don't know what causes head lice.We have the same shampoo and conditioner.She always complain as she itches her head.I bought her a head lice shampoo but still it did not work.My workmate chat me what she done to treat her head lice. She use detergent soap only,no shampoo and conditioner.Then rub her head using white towel to see the head lice that is being remove in the hair.I hope this is effective to cousin too.

June 16, 2009

One Day is Over

I didn't notice the time today.After,breakfast I sat down in the computer to update my blog.I decided to post writings in my newbie blog which I forgot to update already for almost a month.whew! I am not busy.The reason why no post update because my mind is preoccupied browsing a job seeker's site abroad.Today,before I turn on the computer my workmate call me to browse the agency in work abroad.I keep browsing and browsing of job site.The time is too fast for me .It is difficult to search job online that fits my qualification.I notice its 5pm already.whew! It's time to prepare for dinner.

June 13, 2009

Migration Application

I receive an online application form in a migration web site.It is a free assessment form with several questions to be answer in order to assess yourself if you qualify to migrate or not.I browse and read the website thoroughly because I am interested to apply as immigrant in the near future.Unfortunately, I did not pass the requirements of migration.My cousin passed ! I advice cousin not to pay anything online if the agency ask.Hard copy papers is still a very good proof of receipt.Beware of scammer!

The Bayanihan

The bayanihan culture of Filipinos show hospitality, cooperation and teamwork.Last year, we have a very fruitful summer outing at work.The company treat us in the stunning beach place which has an Olympic pool size , nice seaside and great parlor games.We enjoy a lot of fun in the beach .The parlor games was participated by everybody and the two guest (gays) makes our day memorable.This summer we had a different treat.It's a bayanihan tradition ! The reason is company recession but still the management did not missed the yearly company celebration. We had a one day bayanihan affair.It is also a lot of fun.Everybody enjoy the "lechon" ,"barbecue" and native delicacies which everyone of us represent our region.We have stub for food and give aways. Bayanihan is also a good summer idea!

June 9, 2009

Power of Ginger

This very helpful to anyone who suffer travel sickness, morning sickness and hangovers.
If you travel a very far place nausea and travel sickness cannot escape especially if your body is not used to travel anymore.Here are some tips to feel good :

  • Drink up to five cups of ginger tea daily and sip while hot
  • Take the tea in a flask if you are traveling or chew crystallized ginger.
Note: do not take ginger in medicinal dose if you have peptic ulcer.

For morning sickness:

  • Make an infusion of ginger tea using half a tsp. of grated fresh ginger per cup of pure still water.
  • Infuse for at least five minutes.Sip small amount frequently throughout the day.
For Hangovers :
  • Drink ginger tea with lemon before going to bed and through the morning and day
  • You can also put ginger oil in your bath

June 7, 2009

Do you eat Fatty Fish?

I have read a magazine regarding fatty fish.It states there that: Eye research shows that eating fish twice or more a week compared with eating it less than once a month was linked to a drop in the risk of early and late age-related macular degeneration.do you believe this guys/gals? Eating fish help protect your eyes as you age and omega-3 fatty acids help also to ward off macular degeneration.I agree this fact because fish is more on nutrients.Which food pack has omega-3 punch? omega-3 are found in oily cold water fish like salmon,trout,tuna and sardines.The flax seeds and walnuts are also rich in fatty acids.

Bag at Tiangge

We drop by in the tiangge last week .My aunt wanted to buy a bag .She don't like to buy in the mall because she cannot bargain it.The price was already fixed.She love to bargain.lol..She bought two bags and wallet.I get interest in the pink bag. I hesitate to buy things in tiangge because I have a doubt in quality and durability. But, aunt convinced me that the durability depend upon the user and not all expensive items are durable she added. So, I bought the pink bag for only 50pesos.It is made of plastic and it look fashionable with stitches in front. It is nice!

June 6, 2009

Cancelled Trip

We plan to unwind in Tagaytay this weekend.But, it seems that the weather does not go with us.The rain is heavy every afternoon and sometimes early in the morning.We decided to stay in the house and cook food.This is better than to spend time going to tagaytay which I know we will not enjoy because of the bad weather.We cook "biko" ;buy fish make "inihaw" and a bottle of red wine .Maybe, we will set again the schedule of visiting tagaytay.I don't want to missed the stunning place of picnic groove and view of taal lake.

June 3, 2009

My Favorite Blog Award

Thanks Grace for this award. What a better way to start the month with an award! I know that I am not consistent in posting and visiting other blogs so I am really thankful having this award despite of my flaws. hehehe.

Anyway, thanks for Joy for giving me this award. This is a friend of mine that always been helpful and kind to me. More power sis!

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June 2, 2009

Keep in Touch

I call to the province early in the morning because parents are going to the farm.The go on farming before sun rise so that it will not be too hot.I am happy to hear father without complain.Because, every time I call he wanted me to send money for his allowance or wanted me to send DVD tapes .Maybe, its good to call early in the morning !

Good Sleep

I do believe that if we have problem to think or something is bothering us before going to bed we cannot sleep easily.isn't it?
Here are some tips I could share to get a good sleep:

  • Follow a consistent bedtime routine
  • Establish a relaxing setting at bedtime.
  • Get a full night's sleep every night
  • Avoid caffeine or any other stimulants before bedtime.
  • Be worry-free at bedtime
  • Don't go to bed hungry or too full
  • Avoid rigorous exercise within six hours of your bedtime.
  • Make your bedroom quiet,dark and a little cool.
  • Get up at the same time every morning

June 1, 2009


Internet is globally important to everyone.In the internet we can search people, locations,information so on.We can communicate to large number of people.Having an internet connection in the house is a bliss because I can make money online during my free time.This week our internet connection is bad.It abruptly disconnected and computer hang up.I call to the customer service internet provider.They told me that there is no error or connection problem they encountered.I don't have an idea why it hastily crashed.Is the online games can cause internet to crashed? or It is the computer virus ? oh well, I am sure no virus here because I install two anti virus and scan the disk regularly.