September 15, 2009

I'm Back

Hi guys and gals I miss you a lot.It's been two weeks that I did not open my blogsite.The reason is corrupted operating system of the computer.The pirated operating system installed did not last long .whew! I wanted to buy the original one but I do not have budget anymore.We borrowed an operating system from a close friend and re install programs.For the past days, I really miss my blogsite.I go to the internet cafe to check mails,blog and facebook.It is hard to connect in the internet.The internet cafe near the house has a very slow connection.I feel bored waiting to download the site.Now I am happy that the borrowed operating system from a friend work.I can blog and visit your site again.I am very thankful to those who visited my site and leave messages even if I am not around.

No Requirements for Credit Card Application

I drop by in the mall after work.I saw a booth of different banks that offer credit card free membership.They spread out fliers to convinced people.The guy handed me a leaflet of citi bank .They bid no requirements for the application within ten days the credit card will be delivered in the home address.The agent won over me so I try to apply a citi bank credit card.The reason is they offer big amount of credit limit with low interest rate.I doubt if my application will be approve because I have already apply once in citi bank that was a year ago.They assess the monthly income of the cardholder with a minimum monthly salary of thirty thousand pesos .I do not know if that was still the bank role in terms of credit card application.I hope it was already changed so that my credit card application will be approve;-)

September 6, 2009

Pay your Bill Online

The electric bill in the house was already due date.I am not updated in the news that tomorrow is holiday in respect to the interment of Iglesia ni Kristo church leader.I go to the nearest "bayad center" if they accept a due date payment but their office was closed in sunday, bank also was closed.I return the money to cousin and told him that I forgot to pay last Friday so the bill was already due date . He enroll our electric billing account online in his ATM card.He pay online by using his money in the atm online account.This is quiet easier to pay.He receive a confirmation receipt via electronic mail from Meralco.I hope that no error or hang up in paying online..

Are you Looking for a Nap Mat and Personalized Stuffs ?

My hometown is an island if I travel to the city I always bring stuffs that will make my journey comfortable.I depart in the house as early as 4am in the morning to catch up the pump motor boat that will cross us from the island to the city.I am still sleepy so I always bring a nap mat so that I can take a nap in the pump motor boat.I have my personalized nap mat where I order ti online
on their site.I prefer a personalized one so that it will not be lost in my sight.It has strap to bring it easily.This nap mat is not only useful for travel but also for daycare,kindergarten or pre school kids if you gonna bring them in the park.I pick two daycare nap mat while the price still mark down ( shown in the picture).
For moms who bring their kids in the mall for shopping or traveling .I would recommend to use a stephen joseph quilted backpack if you carry kids stuffs like diaper,bottle of milk etc.This back bag is 100% cotton and machine washable.The straps are adjustable buttons and buttons hole.Do you know how much is the cost of a medium size stephen joseph quilted backpack? It is only 19.99dollars.This is a low price for toddlers back pack already.How about the stephen joseph backpack?This is ideal for kindergarten , day care and elementary aged ( 3-8 year old) and dance class.The backpack is made from vinyl and easy to take care of;simply wipe it with a damp cloth.The stephen joseph backpack also cost 19.99dollars.isn't it cheap? This is a bag with different compartments to keep your kids belongings organized.You can also order personalized back pack for your kids and for gifts.Check out the link now to avail a mark down price of nap mat.

September 5, 2009

What Island is this?

I have a friend who is curious about the Maripipi Island because his boyfriend is my townsman.I told her that I came from Maripipi island so she keep asking me about how big and how far it is from Manila.I can't remember how many barangays is the island am not updated anymore in my hometown. The last time I talk to mother she told me that all the sitio ( a location which is a distant away from the center of the barangay itself ) was already separated as lonesome barangay.I believe the island is well organized now.It took 24hours to travel by bus from Manila while 8 hours if you gonna travel by plane from Manila to Tacloban city but it took three rides for you to reached the island by plane (Manila to Tacloban City),bus ( from Tacloban City to Naval) and motor pump boat (from Naval to Maripipi Island).whew!The trip is long hours but it has a lot of fun.why? because you will enjoy the beautiful beaches that surrounds the island while crossing from Naval to Maripipi.I gonna share some pictures how beautiful and peaceful is the island

Wooden Push Cart

The mineral water station in the subdivision has no delivery boy.I am pity to the storekeeper because he carry a jug of mineral water to the costumer's house no matter how far it is.The owner of the mineral water station is my friend.I suggest her to order a wooden push cart so that it would be easier to deliver a jug of water to the customer.She agree with me. I also order a cart so that we can avail a discount in the wood works fabrication.I also need a cart if I dispose our trash because the garbage collector does not get inside the subdivision.It park outside the gate along the highway which is ten meters away from the house.This cart can help us rather than carrying the trash!

September 4, 2009

Allowance in School

The cousin bring a carrot cake in the house.She ask me 200pesos for their contribution in school because they have an individual cooking activity.She is studying a culinary arts sponsored by TESDA.She has 60pesos allowance per day but it was given to them in weekly basis.I give her 250pesos for her fare and snack too.I was surprise she show me a chef gown when she arrived home.I told her last week not to buy a chef gown because I have no budget for our allowance.well, I cannot say "NO" but to give her allowance next week because she spend her allowance to buy a chef gown in school .This girl trick me.I told to sell what she cook in school in her next cooking activity so that she can save money.

I Sneeze More

Last week, I am exhausted of having a long hours duty at work. I work 12hours sometimes 15hours a day in night shift schedule. I cannot sleep early or I wake up early because it is very hot.The past week I had only 4 hours or 3 hours sleep in a day.whew!I had always a runny nose.I drink plenty of water and juices.I also take medicine for cold because I do not want to be absent.This week is very terrible.I keep sneezing at work especially early in the morning.I feel tired of sneezing.I visit the doctor in company clinic.The doctor told me that I had an allergy maybe contributed in my environment at work of fumes or dust that is why I sneeze more.He give me medicine for allergy.I sneeze in the morning but not to much.Yesterday, the tool got a problem and we need to get some chemical samples for testing.I know that the chemical fumes is not good for me but I have no choice to skip.After I get a sample it's sneezing time.I sneeze more than ten times in the morning .I will go to the doctor again for check up and medication.

Best Site for Fun

Are you a nosy person?Do you want a part time activity in your life?well, Life is full of curiousness that is why we need to discover things as we grow older.If you do not have partner in life the best site for you is to sign up in a free amateur tube.This is a site were members are interested in making friends.The site were you can send private message to a special person you want to know more.If you are not a shy type person you can blog your thought and opinions to share other readers.There is a free amateur movies from members that you can freely watch and have fun in your free time.The site is open to all who need an idea in engaging once activity to your partner.This is a non professional website were you can upload your own videos and share to others.There is also a free amateur videos to watch from different types of personality.This site is for adult and open minded person who love fun sharing, friendly and love to chat.

September 3, 2009

Tear Free Technique in Dicing and Mincing Onion

A good technique make chopping onions quick ,easy and tear free kitchen job.
Here are four techniques in dicing and mincing of onions:

1.Use a sharp knife,halve the onion pole to pole.Lop off the tops of each half ,leaving the root end intact and peel the onion.

2.Make horizontal cuts,starting with the heel of the blade and carefully pulling the knife toward you without cutting through the root end.

3.Using the tip of the knife ,make several vertical cuts.Dragging the knife toward you and make sure to keep the tips against the board.

4.Slice across the lengthwise cuts using your knuckles as a guide for the knife while holding the onion with your fingertips.

NOTE: do not store onions in the refrigerator where their odors can permeate other foods.

September 2, 2009

How to make a Flavorful Chicken Soup

It is easy to cook a flavorful chicken soup.Here are the steps that I had already try and everybody in the house love my chicken soup.

1.Saute ground chicken to deepen the flavor

2.Add water , broth and breast halves

3.Poach chicken breasts about 30 minutes and remove

4.Strain stock and thicken with 3 tablespoon of cornstarch

5.Shred breasts

6.Add to pot with vegetables to create fast, hearty soup.

Dog House

I saw a can of paint in the closet.The cousin told me it is an excess paint in painting the chair.I ask the paint of cousin.I use to re-paint the dog house because it is getting rusty already.It is orange color.I allow doggy to get inside in the house to play kitty while I am painting.The paint did not cover the dog house but it is good rather than to trifle away the paint as it gets hard.The painted dog house dry easily.I call doggy to get inside the house.The funny thing here is doggy keep jumping as she get inside the house then sleep ;-)

The Grille

we broil small fish lol
We had excess steel bars in the house.It was tarnishing as it is stage outside the house.I don't want to trifle away those bars or sold it in the junk shop .I plan to make it as grille since we love to eat "sinugba" or inihaw or grilled fish / pork. We are having fun broiling fish and saba missed the life in the province.I bring those steel bars in the welding shop. The welder charge me 400 pesos to make a grille.I ask a favor to them to deliver if it was already done.The next day I saw the grille in the house.We are planning now to set a barbecue party with housemates.

I Got Problem in Printing a PDF File

I printed a PDF file in the computer.It is a form of passport application which I got from DFA website.I decided to print it before going to DFA in applying a passport.It takes time to fill up those personal information.I cannot preview the file.I adjust the paper size to 8.5x13 as the DFA standard paper size.I tick the print icon.But it did not work.The display message is" check usb printer connection" so I double check and everything was plug in properly.I think I had a problem in the PDF file but I had printed a PDF file before then it work easily.I got a tips online in printing a PDF .I try to follow those steps. I feel glad it work.

Here is the Tips in Printing a PDF file:
If it does not work printing directly as a document change it as image.
1.Open the PDF file in Acrobat
2.Chose File > Print
3.Click advance
4.Select Print as Image near the top of the dialog box
5.Click OK, then OK again to print.

September 1, 2009

I Receive an Unreadable Comments

I was pull out in my duty yesterday to finished all the stuff at work before the first week of September . My duty is from night shift to day shift.This is tough for me but I need things to be done on time.I arrived home late.The sun shines so hot.I drink a glass of fresh milk before I go to bed.I sleep two hours only.I wake up early in the afternoon. I am sweating . My dress is getting wet and uncomfortable.I cannot sleep back anymore.I decided to update my two more blogs.The Hapinoy and newbie blog "The Lifestyle" their are comments which I cannot figure out the message.I ask my good friend poray about those stuff.I am thinking that my blog has an error.The friend told me to delete those messages because those stuff are Spam.This is my first time to search out a message which is unreadable.I think those people have nothing to do good online in the internet.