March 31, 2010

What is Origami?

In my younger days,my cousin and I make a paper boat.We let it float in the river.We use scratch paper in school or sometimes paper from failed quizzes.This is my younger days art.Shaping a boat out of a single piece of paper for leisure time is already an origami.
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper. Together, they form the word, "origami." It is an art form that has been handed down from parent to child through many generations. Origami involves the creation of paper forms usually entirely by folding. Animals, birds, fish, geometric shapes, puppets, toys and masks are among the models that even very young children can learn to make in just one sitting.
Here are some cute examples of origami.I hope you gonna have time to try folding a piece of paper.Enjoy!

March 27, 2010

Times Magazine

I avail the promo subscription for one year of Times Magazine.I only pay 2,500pesos for one year plus five copies back issue of reader digest magazines and discovery magazines.It is not bad.The only hitch of subscription is delayed delivery of the item.I receive two copies for one month sometimes one copy only which I supposed to receive a weekly issue of magazine.I do know the gated reason of late delivery.I send mail to their customer service .I hope to find any development of item delivery soon.


One week was over that I had only few hours sleeping time.I drink plenty of water and glass of sterilized milk to revive an energy.I forced myself to wake up early.I slept late.This is my routine for the past 7days.It is difficult to be a working student especially during final exams.My body clock get confused of my bedtime schedule.I suffer insomia for two weeks.I am awake the whole night.I am tired but I cannot sleep.I am sleepy in day time.I feel stress adjusting my bodyclock.I drink milk before I go to bed .Even if, I am not drowsy I just close my eyes pretending that I had a very good sleep.Finally, my sleeping habit back after two weeks.

March 20, 2010

Googles Chrome

Did you try to install googles chrome in your laptop or personal computer? I strive to install it my personal computer.I just wanted to discover things that can easily load my facebook account especially in downloading FB games.I am relax and enjoy in playing FB games like farmville,mafia and fishville.The googles chrome can download easily games, websites etc.In my experience google chrome is fast compared to internet explorer or mozilla firefox.Try it!

Semester is Over

Studying an online education makes myself busy.I missed two important things in mylife that set my mind unwind.The first thing is to go to the mall during day off watch movie,sing in the videoki both and play in quantum or tom's world.Another one is my blogging hobby.Although, I enjoy learning new things again and hoping to be successful in switching my career.I appreciate online discussion in the forum.I admire versatility of my classmates eventhough most us are working students.The second semester is over I have time now to pamper myself for 2 months before the first semester start.The best vacation I could do this summer is to visit my parents in the province and met my classmates and hang out in the beach.I cannot wait until my vacation leave approved.

Overnight in the Airport

Are you a traveller looking for a low-priced fare? I am not a traveller but I always prefer an economical fare regardless of time flight.If I get ticket for the oldest
(mother and father)I do not mind economical fare the important is the convenient time flight for them .lol.My trick to avail lowest fare is to book early.I always make sure that my master card has enough available balance so that I can get tickets online anytime.
This is my memorable picture in the Philippine Airlines terminal.I get a ticket with time flight at 4:30 am because of mark down fare.I forget I have still to travel 2 hours going to the airport.The passengers must be an hour before the flight.I really can't make it.The buses ,jeepneys are not 24hours awake in my town.I decided to go to the airport in the evening and spend whole night setting in the chair.I did not feel bored because there are lots of passenger that stay in the benches especially those who travel international flight.

Real Property tax

Last year,I pay my real property tax in the 3rd quarter.That was my first time to pay tax bill in the municipal hall.I was surprised the tax of house because it is expensive compared to land.I was charge for the late payment.I pay it in installment basis.This year I try my best to pay in the first quarter to pass up some charges.It is important to bring previous receipt in paying real property tax.

Unpaid Loan

I apply a Pag ibig loan a months ago.It is so strange that for the past months I could not hear any update.I doubt that there is a reason behind of the loan processing.I go to the Pag ibig office near my place to ask and verify my records.Everything was updated.I go home and started fixing my sundries at work.I remember I had previous loan.I try to find all my payslip two years ago.It is lucky that I always kept those papers in an envelop.I mark out that my previous loan was not deducted in my salary two years ago.I feel so upset! Who should I blame?
In my experienced loans neither SSS or Pag ibig was automatically deducted in the salary every month.I think I have also to blame myself in taking for granted this matter.I call the Pag ibig office to ask for advise.The customer service told me that it was not their fault that my loan was not deducted over a year.It is company's accounting fault! I hurriedly go to our accounting section.The girl told me it was not their fault because the Human Resources ( HR ) did not submit to them my voucher check.whew! It is really easy to point out.I feel stressed!It ended up my mistake.I have no choice but to pay the amortization bill for two years to clear my account. :-(