March 29, 2009

What I am searching for?

I am searching for a part time job online.huh? It's not my fault that I chose to be an engineer.More part time jobs are teacher , food and beverages services.I want to apply as online teacher .I thought I gonna had a chance to teach but they are looking a Filipina who can teach Japanese and mandarin language too.No chance at all! The other one is 6 hours job in laguna beach with the rate of 9 dollars to 10 dollars per hour.Convincing,right? They need a star server and costumer oriented person. waaahhh!! I really don't belong to this job again :-(

March 28, 2009

Are you looking for Free Training?

I kept myself busy searching for a free training or anything that will make my summer productive and memorable.But, honest reason is I do not have budget for training classes.Company now is on recession :-(
I found a Free Training program that brighten my day .Hoping some of you guys are qualified and interested too.
kindly click the image to zoom the picture.

March 27, 2009

Sample Product

There are two guys walking in the subdivision early in the morning.I am an early morning girl because I need to watered my plants before the sun comes out.The two guys stop in the house and talk to me.I seldom talk to strangers since they look good and honest so I let them have a conversation.They introduce me a new packaging of anti dandruff shampoo and seasoning.I listen to them respectively.But, I told them I don't have cash if you let me buy your product.The guy said " We will give you a sample product and write your nickname in our list as a proof to the company that we are doing our job."After, their commercial speech they handed me two small bottle of anti dandruff shampoo plus five pieces of seasoning mix for cooking.What a blessed morning!


Finally, our land line telephone was already installed at home. We call the telephone company costumer service for another subscription of phone access to make an international and mobile phone calls.Everybody can benefit this phone especially that people in the house are looking for part time jobs.

Affiliate Program

Most blogger are engaged in different affiliate program.right?I include myself here.I experience one affiliate program that says"you can earn money in different ways like through e-mail response,via text messages, phone call and banner posting.I chose e-mail response.My reply to an e-mail will make me money.I am induced.So, I sign up for membership.After, I finish filling up the form and answering some questions the last part is the membership fee payment.I am aware already that some affiliate program has membership fee.I make my payment in order to make money easily.I convince myself that internet jobs is by luck because I did not make money for this affiliate program :-( as an advise better to subscribe in a free program like banner or pay click .isn't it guys?

Phone Call Access

Costumer service is very important in any aspect of business.Our land line telephone was not activated to call on mobile and international.I decided to contact the telephone company costumer service for inquiry.It takes me five minutes to talk him on phone.He told me that activation is by subscriber request too.So, He did an online subscription for me and after 24 hours the line was already activated. Thanks!

Keep your Records Forever

I really love to post about file extension this week.It is very interesting especially that I am record keeper person and I don't want to lost my files in a wink.The file extension dbf is a file bearing extension.Do you want to know why? Kindly,explore file extension dbf page if you have time so that you gonna appreciate its function.This is another database that will keep your file forever.If you ask me, how about if my file will be corrupted can I still recover it? My answer is big YES! The file extension dbf can stored multiple records.If you have a business or working in a hospital you need to stored multiple records of patients like their contact numbers, address,prescriptions,last visit so on.This records are very important to monitor your patient healing and also as the physician basis once the patient come back for check up.isn't it?The file extension dbf will also group your records according to categories to allow you for easy searches and queries.

The are lots of file categorized as dbf available today.why?because, all the records can be kept forever.How? For example ,if the data was corrupted due to sudden power failure while the database is open or system freeze causes by another process.No need to worry! Your records in your file extension dbf will still be recover using dbf doctor.This is a tool that will help us in recovering data and repairing database.To run your file extension dbf in peak performance there is a free scan and just in case your computer cannot recognize file extension or keep your computer from freezing better to use driver detective this are free download items to serve you better and prevent your computer from system crashes.

March 25, 2009


I call the telephone agent yesterday because I wanted to cancel my subscription of land line phone.The main reason is we are already forced leave at work and lay offs on some department .It is another burden of paying the monthly bill . The agent told me that it was already ready for installation in the house and she will not refund my money anymore better not to cancel.The installation was done today.The problem is we cannot make outgoing call for international,manila line and mobile calls. We call the customer service for activation.Hoping it will work tomorrow. So, to save money I will no longer buy load for my mobile phone instead use the land line telephone for text messages and phone calls to the province.I will also accept "pay phone" call now in the house.

Thanks to Blogvertise

My blog is a member of five paid sites unfortunately no task given to me almost six months already.Because of preoccupied work schedule my blog was not updated anymore. The company that I am working was on layoff today so I have enough time for posting and increasing my blog traffic. I ask assistance to paid sites ; some tips to improve my blog and latest update in blogging for me to have a task and earn money.I am very thankful this paid site Click Here to Advertise On My Blog because they give me some tips of what topics should I post.After a week they send me a task and finally it was approved already by admin and make me money.

March 24, 2009

I Plan to Study Again

I am planning to get an education units so that I can apply for par time teacher. Global crisis is getting worse and manufacturing was already slow down.I want myself to be ready for what ever consequences we are experiencing now in the company. I am searching online Teacher Certificate Program that will allow me to take the teacher license exam ( as for government employment entry ) and qualify me to teach in school.I believe that teacher has no crisis although they have small salary compared to the private sector because their overtime was not paid not like in the manufacturing.They love to serve the community and country.I have found one school near my place (Letran -Calamba Laguna).The estimated expense for one semester is 14,000pesos.The course will be finish for 2 semester only or 18 units.If you complete all the requirements you are already qualified to teach and take the licensure exam!

March 23, 2009

What is MSO?

My company e-mail account is Microsoft Outlook.I have observe some attach file does not open or run in the computer.Oh well, my aim is to introduce again another File extension.This is a File Extension MSO. The MSO file has two types of program.The first type of program we use to encountered at work is using the format that apply in saving Microsoft Office file as web page.The second type is related to Microsoft Outlook,Outlook Express and Office 2000.This is a program that will help us more in Microsoft office,Microsoft Outlook ,Outlook Express and Office 2000.If you are using one of this program find time to visit File Extension MSO so you can have more information and knowledge if you want to install the software.

For example,If the computer has no Microsoft Office and your e-mail account is Microsoft Outlook,Do you think you can open the attach file of your e-mail?Yes, with mso file it contains information to properly display the attachment in the computer.If the windows cannot open the file extension mso , possibly the file was corrupted or there is a missing registry file in your system.To fix this problem feel free to click the Free Download driver detective to avoid your computer from crashing and freezing.To ensure also that File Extension Mso will run at peak performance in your computer there is a free scan to report invalid file name or error instantly.

Blurred Pictures

My cousin and I attended a christening of family relative in Miraculous Church.I am a "ninang" so, I told cousin to take pictures in the altar and during the lighting of candle. I am expecting a bunch of photos because she keep focusing us on cam.In our way home, I try to browse the pictures she took us. waaahh! It was all blurred! She is not familiar how to use the digicam very well...
Here are some:

No More Headaches:Transfer your Data Easily

I have already posted about file extension bak.This is a program that automatically save your original files in different file name to make sure that all documents are safely stored in your laptop or computer.What about file extension list?This program is significant in transferring your data.I have experience that my computer keep crashing and slow down especially if I transfer data from one computer to another.I am irritated and it cause me headache especially if running out of time to transfer the files and computer is slow down or hang up .It takes time to reset the computer more than two times and start transferring the data again.isn't it? Guys/Gals, I am pretty sure you encountered this problem too.Let me explain about File extension List this is not a list of file name of your data in your desktop .This is a key to help you specify the kind of file and what type of program can open your data.Oh well, I thought I cannot understand about program but if you try to use file extension list you will learn some code to organize your file and it is very interesting. If the file extension list will not open you need a Driver Detective to update all drivers instantly and fix computer error.Don't worry guys this is a free download!

Nowadays, there are many existing software in computer world.For example you have a file and transfer it to another computer if the type of program does not fit the data will not run or opened or else you may suspect it was infected by Virus.To fix this you need to scan the computer.Tata , often scan our computer if I complain that it slows down to download data.We use FREE SCAN software it has a better performance because it instantly reports invalid file type error and fix the driver error immediately.This will also help your file extension list to run in high performance.

March 21, 2009

Sisterhood AWARD

My thoughtful blogger ever friend GRACE never really forget me. See, I got an award from her. She maybe too far from me and we never seen each other but a special bond between us was form eversince we known each other. Thanks to blogging because I was able to have good friends like her. Thanks so much for this award! Muah!

Here are the rules:1.

  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
  3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

And now it's my chance to spread the love. I'm giving this award to all my friends in blogsphere that somehow touches my life. I might not seen them, but just like Grace, I also value these wonderful people.

To: Marly, EDEN, Sheng, Lingz, SweetPinay, Kate,Ria, Lauri, Rose and Lassylicious

I hope that you will find time to post this award in your blog. Thank you in advance!

Mobile Phone Warning

I read this clip in the newspaper.I don't have a proof whether this is true or not because I have not experience this issue.I want to share just for everybody awareness nothing will be lost .The message goes this way "This is a warning!If you receive a phone call on your mobile from anyone claiming that he or she is a engineer from a telephone company who informs you that he or she wants to check your telephone line then asks you to press #90 or #09 or any other number,you must end this call immediately without pressing any number.Today, there is a fraudulent company that use a device capable of tapping into your sim card as soon as you press #90 or #09 they can already make a call at your expense"

Discount Card

I have two discount card in the drugstore and in the supermarket.My earned points depend upon the amount of purchased and it can be converted into cash or they will give you some reward.I receive a loyalty reward in the supermarket.They also inform me that I have a calendar and a grocery.Oh well,This is a surprise blessings for me!

Bell Pepper

Bell pepper is a cultivar group of species means it is produce in different colors.This plant give fruit easily.In the yard, my cousin planted a bell pepper.Bell pepper is not sensitive plant.It can be in good production without putting fertilizers.The only key to make them healthy is to cultivate and watered them twice a day. Time is too fast and now we can already harvest the bell pepper in the yard.

March 20, 2009

Flip Flops Slipper

Flip Flops slipper is good for business this summer using a small capital only.The technique in making a flip flops is don't buy the same accessory and keep a good supply of sturdy needles.

What are the materials needed?
  • long nose pliers
  • fishing line
  • heavy duty glue gun
  • small glue stick
  • scissors
  • needles
  • plain rubber slippers
  • organza ribbons
  • various accessories ( pearls,beads or sequins)

Some of these materials are already available at home so need to invest of buying them.Start to design a unique flip flops slipper that can attract costumers.

Summer JOB

I am looking a summer job opportunity for my cousin. I visit our town municipal hall to ask if there is summer job offer for high school graduates.The guard told me to go in the Public Employment Assistance office (PESO) walking distance only from the municipal hall.I have seen job opportunities there but my cousin is not qualified because she is still 16 years old.The job offer mostly are call center agents.Along my way home, I notice a banner regarding a summer training /job assistance of social security system but still my cousin is not qualified.The age requirement ranges from 18 years old to 35 years old.My last option is to look a summer job opportunity in a food chain like jolibee,Mc Donalds,Shakeys etc.Wish me Luck!

Save your File

Do you mind of saving files in your computer?I hope so ! How important is your files stored in your personal computer or laptop? I had a traumatic experience of saving my file in a computer.At work, we have an account in local network folder.All files was very important to me! It so happen that local folder network got down during our meeting.All our reports was save on the local folder so, meeting was canceled that week.The IT group try their best to recover all our files but unfortunately it didn't work.File backup is very important.If you have File Extension BAK in your computer the better because everything you save will be safe!you may ask me, why? Its because this File Extension has different programs that automatically create backup copies of existing file.If windows cannot open the File Extension Bak there might be corrupted or missing file registry.Don't panic! Your file was still recover just follow the instructions.

Guys, you know how long it takes me to recover my updates? It is more than three months! My back ache comes out in tracking back all the data first is by daily basis,next is by weekly ,quarterly and yearly basis report status.whew! It is tough to complete the template.I gonna teach you to save your file safely.This is FREE download ! So, download now , explore and BAK your files.The File Extension Bak save the data securely because the files cannot be open directly.It need the appropriate program that created the Bak file.Your file is protected !But, I will also recommend a free scan to easily detect error in your computer system that can cause malfunction of hardware.

Blog Awards

I got these awards from chelle

Thank you very much chelle for award... I appreciate it very much.

Name 7 things/person that you love then pass this on to 7 other bloggers.



3.My friends

4.My neighbor (Divine)

5.My cousins



All my blogger Friends are free to grab this award.

March 17, 2009

Waiting For a Call

I am waiting a call from a telephone agent last week.Over the whole week my mobile phone does not receive any call.I doubt it! This week was supposed to be the installation of our land line phone but as a requirement the office will call me to confirm and to answer some personal questions before they will approve my subscription.I send a message to the agent and she reply me that my mobile phone is always busy.I try to call my own mobile using other mobile phone.I found out that my mobile was having trouble in receiving a call.whew! So, I give her another number.The office called me already yesterday .Hopefully, they can install the telephone next week.

March 15, 2009

Friends Wedding

My dream is to find a person that will never put me down no matter what happens.This is most people's dream.isn't it? Finding a right person is difficult, loving and spending time whom you think a right person is painful if the person you love does not love you back!My vision is life is very simple.To be wed to the man I love with a live band reception and to have a diamond wedding plain delusion!Well, this friends wedding ceremony has different style no matter what it is.I am glad that lastly they decided to settle down their own life's.Best Wishes to all of you guys!


My pet dogie puppy give birth four puppies last week two girls and two boys.I keep amused to see dogie puppy because she was confused which puppy she will put on her side.If puppies cry they feel hot so, my cousin transfer them inside the house.They are like stuff toys.Everybody in the house take care of the puppies.My workmate let me borrow a DOG BOOK .He told me to read everything so that I will know the techniques how to take care of puppies.Oh well, puppies can lessen stress too from work.

My Dress

My workmate invited me their wedding celebration.She requested that all her visitors must dress in formal attire.I wanted to reject her invitation because I never ever show off a formal dress in my life.I usually dress in a denim and blouse .But, this is my first time to attend a wedding ceremony so, gonna try to dress up a formal outfit and my friend Vine's gazed directly to me and count me for the reservation table in the reception.I can't escape!One week ,before the wedding I go to the mall and look for a formal dress.whew! I feel tired roaming around the mall to fits for dresses finally I pick one.walang kokontra hihihi...:-)

Friends Journey

I get a chance to search out my friends profile online. I am happy that most of them have already a good job abroad and a successful career.One friend of mine has a different success story . Its all about marriage.Their love story started online in a dating website.After,a months of chatting the guy met her in Manila, a few months count they celebrated their church wedding in the province.A very inspiring story! Then patiently process and wait her papers and get the visa.I am glad that she finally landed his husband place (Toronto,Canada).My heart felt cheerful because her vision was finally put off.I am sure lots of adjustment and challenges you gonna encounter in your journey.It takes time but I believe you can handle it everything especially if your life is full of love.Good Luck to you Jill!

The Team Victory Delight

Finally, the team decided where to go after our statical control meeting.They chose bar hopping and eat in a seafood!They are quiet demanding! Anyways, it is once in a lifetime opportunity that our managers will treat us.

I enjoy here watching the instant comedian gay who let my workmate sang on stage..hehehe..Maybe, the gay thought that my workmate is shy well, he is wrong both of them became a great comic on stage.

Time to go home

March 9, 2009


Yesterday, land line telephone agent was in the house.She is convincing us to subscribe the wireless telephone and avail there promo.The telephone unit and installation is free however we will have to pay the monthly bill of P448 pesos unlimited in local calls only and P2.00pesos charge for other network and P1.00peso for text messsages.The subdivision is new and we don't have telephone line and TV cable connection yet.So, I think this wireless phone will be useful for business too.I can post a banner in the house "PAY PHONE HERE".I subscribe and cash out P448pesos as a deposit.Hopefully, the unit and installation will be processed this week.

March 7, 2009


Curtains make my house clean and comfy to stay.I am buff of changing curtains in the house every week.I like light colors like pink,light yellow or white.I have more than 100pairs of curtains collected since I was transferred in this house last March 2008.The dark color pairs which I don't use it anymore was already transport to the province for good.My curtains cost 100peso each only.Isn't it cheap ,right? My secret is I don't buy curtains on mall or home world or boutique because I can't bid its price better to go in a couture (tailoring) of curtains.

March 5, 2009

Thank you!

To all blogger:
  • who visited my newbie personal page
  • drop my Entrecard and
  • leave a message in my shout mix
I don't know how to express my gratitude to all of you guys.I am happy that even if my blog was hang up for a couple of weeks your drops and messages inspires me a lot.I am back to make up all of you guys!

Thanks a Lot !

What Did I do last February?

First Solar Car in the Philippines

February is a busy month for me not because of Valentines Day .This is the scheduled month of our Statistical Process Control Audit in the company .It is basically a presentation of our updates and improvements made every process in terms of yield,cost reduction and machine efficiency oh well its all about manufacturing aspect.The event is important to all sun power people aside from the rewards and plaque that will be given for the chosen best team. The challenge is we will be presenting to our Big Bosses from United States,Solar Cell Clients and Solar Panel Investors.Well, I am lucky that I belong to the best teamwork , brainstorming and long hours duty in making our presentation forfeit us for winning the second place!I will post few pictures of our bonding moments :)

smile pa din kahit malaki na eyebags

the brainstorming ever

We treat ourselves :

Bonding moments:

teamwork for life:

For now we are still arranging our work schedule for managers treat ! wow...
We are excited !!!

All of us wish that we will be chosen to present this coming Engineering Summit! go...go...


I love to read any books during my school days.I haven't scan pages of books nowadays because of my busy work schedule.I was looking a gift for my inaanak along the way in green hills I saw a store named "BOOK-UKAY-ukay" .I thought it was a bargain clothes or dress or jackets .I curiously get inside and it was a mini library where you can shop for old books,magazines and novels.The price ranges from 5 pesos up depend upon the content of the book.I have seen also international books and pocketbooks at its lowest price ever!I get 10 books ;a pocketbook and children books too.After, I read all the books I will go back to the store for exchange of another book.This will make my day off busy.