April 1, 2010

Facts and Rumors about Pill

Rumor: The pill has side-effects
Facts:High-dose pills, some women experience headaches,vomiting,irritably and breast tension or tenderness.However, only few women experience them and normally disappear after the first three cycles of pill-taking.

Rumor: Taking pill for a long time will make you infertile
Facts:Taking pill will not increase or decrease ability to bear children.

Rumor:It causes cancer
Facts:Pill users are less likely to develop benign breast disease,pelvic inflamatory disease,iron defiency and rheumatoid arthritis.

Rumor: You really need to take a break from the Pill
Facts: High-dose pills,a break or rest of two to three months was often recommended after some years of pill-taking.
Low-dose pill do not need a break even if taking for a long time.

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