17 January 2010

Online Education

The education system change as new technology introduce. Internet is blissful in various ways. Through internet online education is now vogue in learning center and schools. I will share to you an experience in searching a learning center and course in online education. I try my best to enroll in the first semester unfortunately the slot for teaching certificate was already complete. The reason that I did not catch up the enrollment in the first semester is I could not decide what course should I take up. I have two choices either certificate in education or online teaching and learning. The difference between the two is certificate of education has 18 units to comply while online teaching is a 16 week course. What learning center offer this course? It is UP Open University. I seek out another online learning center. There are lots of them that offer teaching online course. It is confusing especially if you read advertising lines. My best option is the learning center that surely guarantee a good teaching strategy, affordable tuition fee, school accreditation and achievements. I finally decided to take certificate in teaching for me to qualify in taking the professional board exam for teachers. I believe that UP Open University strategy in online education could help me a lot. I have already my academic catalogue. I notice that there are different courses offered and most of the students are working abroad. Online education very useful for everybody. Let's use our internet connection in a profitable way continues learning is really valuable.

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