29 October 2009

Cancelled Birthday Party

I had a two days off last week.I plan to update my blog and attend a birthday Party.The birthday party of my friend son which most of the visitors are workmates.The friend rent a videoki and some chairs to accomodate everybody.We also plan to have a barbeque party in the evening.Everybody is excited.I go to Manila early in the morning so that I will came back before lunch time.I would like to join the kids lunch too .In my way home my cousin call me that the birthday boy was hit by a motorbike on the road.He was admmitted in the hospital right away.I feel shock .I hurriedly finish my appoinment.I go to the hospital. The workmates and some visitors directly visit the three year old boy.The birthday party was cancelled ! My heart melted when I see the face of the baby boy.We are in deep breathe as the nurse handed the citi scan result.The result has negative fracture,swelling will be on medication.The three year old boy has six stitches in the forehead.For now he was already discharge from the hospital and in the healing process.It is good that he has no phobia when he see a motorbike.


chubskulit said...

ouch kawawa naman ang birthday boy.... Nakaktakot talaga ang mga motorsiklo, this reminds me of my brother's death just a couple of months ago..

Good thing di sya masyadong nagrabe no..

GAGAY said...


i will be having a triple medical celebration. It is a mini medical blog thing game, not a contest, but a game - a posting game. In this regard, I am looking for bloggers who are willing to sponsor EC credits, 125x125 ad space or cash (thru paypal). Aside from these prizes, I, personally, will be giving medical freebies to the lucky winners.

I am looking forward to hear any from u!



Lindz said...

kawawa naman siya, wish him well

jenie said...

ouch! sorry to see that =(


have a THANK YOU SOMETHING for you at you deserve my thanks

visit back real soon
hope u visit my other blogs too
earthy me

Gorgeous MUM said...

Oh, I feel sorry for your little boy! I hope he is doing better now!

marielle said...

Happy Weekend! Your visit is a blessing! God Bless!

ellen said...

Hello! Finding a way to reaching out. God Bless!

shaine said...

Long time na hnd ko nakavisit here sis, Gush naman ang nangyari sa bata, well, at least ok na cya now. Thank God!

nway, how are you na sis?