17 January 2010

I Lost my Post

It’s been a while that I realize to update my blog.My time was pre occupied in many things aside from that I feel so upset to open my blog site without a single post to read.This newblog suppose to be its two months old now since I am enthusiastic person of bringing into line all my blogpost from my other account I finally lost my post in this site.how? The scenario goes like this I was already finished updating my blog.I kept browsing each post so as my two blog accounts.I noticed that some of my post does not link up the title of my new blog.I decided to move the post to my old account.I use the import and export way of moving my post.I tick the import botton so all my post was transferred to my new account. I just mark the post that does not link up my blog and delete it one at a time.After that, I check my dashboard surprisingly no post was save.I check my library thinking that the post was automatically stored but its post title has an empty content.I feel so bad for treating myself an expert of moving my post.I did not see even a single post save in this new blog.I will be doing updates a lot to make up all those things.The key here is to be careful in using import and export tactic.

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