17 January 2010

The Kids Foot

paa ni JNThis is a kind of sharing for everybody especially for parents. I am not yet a parent ,but If I see filthy kids on the street my heart melted. I like to post the kid foot which I took in the hospital. The kid footstep is small , but they can walk , run and go away to look someone to play within the yard.isn't it? I visited my friend son in the hospital . The three year old boy admitted in the hospital because he was accidentally hit by the motorbike on the road. I posted a story in Filipina Mixed Blog about the accident. I see that his foot swell. I took a picture while he is still sleeping. After five minutes he woke up. I show him the picture of his foot .I just want to know what is his reaction of the foot picture. He told me "that is my foot". Then he cries. I ask him why you cried? He told me that he has only one foot moving. Then, he moves his foot. He cannot move his other foot because it swell and it is still painful. He needs his mama and papa to help him rise in bed. I get lesson on the kid foot that parents oblige to take care, to prioritize children and give time to them. I admired housewife mommy because they can give full-time to husband most of all to take care and guide of the kid's foot so that they can stand alone easily:-)

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