17 January 2010

Biggest Mall

In the city of Manila there are plenty of shopping malls to visit. The Philippines is one of the nicest country in Asia for vacation. The Filipinos love to unwind in bar and beach resort, but most of the time is in the mall. What are the best malls for shopping? Every Filipinos or even foreigners who visited Philippines were familiar of SM malls.isn't it? The word SM means Shoe Mart which the story originated from shoe making business in late 1960s. There are three SM malls gotten the spot of top ten biggest mall in the world based on its gross lea sable area. This malls is good for shopping because you can find everything you need and unwind yourself too. The top three big SM malls are; SM mall of Asia in Pasay City that is 4.2 million square feet gross lea sable area . It includes first Olympic swimming pool and first IMAX theater in the Philippines. The customers can get around in a twenty seat tram. The other one is SM mega mall in Mandaluyong City. It is 3.6 million square feet gross lea sable area.The last one is SM North Edsa in Quezon City opened last 1985. It is 3 million square feet gross lea sable area. If you are in a trip for vacation do not be missed to visit those malls and have fun! There are various amusement like games ,video okie,bingo and movie.My best past time in the mall is to play bingo games, eat my favorite siomai and video okie.It is very relaxing!

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