5 October 2009

Where I am during Typhoon?

The passed typhoon is really a disaster to the country.The bayanihan system was back to all Filipino people.We are helping each other for the victim.My heart melted when I see the video and pictures of the areas affected by typhoon.I am 24hours duty that day.The management did not permit us to go home because the rain is heavy and the wind was sturdy as it hit the building.As the typhoon get over I feel scared on my way home because the road was still flooded.I remove my shoes.When I arrived home I feel happy that all my things are still dry.The company organized a program to extend help to the victim of typhoon.There are company volunteers who visited the affected place and handed food,clothing,medicines to the families who sufferred.One of my friend lost their house it was covered by mud.We contributed money to help them .We gonna pray those families to recover and back to their normal living easily.

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