5 October 2009

Transition Time

Another quarter was over.We will start now the last quarter before the year end.The time is to fast to move sometimes I feel so bored sometimes I feel hopeless which I really do not know the real reason.I receive a mail it's our transition time.I gonna bid good bye working in a night shift schedule.I like to work in day shift.This is the best time for me to look for money ;-) I had a new buddy.I gonna missed my former buddy who always love to sing and dance if get tired.My new buddy is a good friend too.I chose her because she is hardworking and responsible aside from that she is a real friend!I am happy that we had a transition of work schedule early.But kinda upset the new release work schedule next year.It is still under negotiation all of us are hoping to revise it again because it is difficult to us to work on straight week duty one day off. We are confident that they will changed the scheme.Hope so.

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