5 October 2009

My Mother Cry

Are you a GSIS pensioner?If yes, I guess you also experience a tough situation which my mother experience in waiting her money.The government service insurance system or GSIS declared that pensioners will receive their monthly pension late and that will be September 23 instead of September 8 ,2009.The mother call me and ask money for their allowance.I send money thru smart padala because it is the cheapest way to send money in the province.The charge is 10pesos only for every 1,000 pesos send.In the province there is no atm machine so mother will have to cross the sea to go the city to withdraw.September 24 she go to the city.Her atm card has no money! She call me crying because she do not have money to buy for her food and for the fare in going home.I have a duty at that time.I call the hotline of UnionBank to ask about this problem.The costumer service told me that the GSIS did not remit money yet.Mother told me she is just sitting down near the market area.I told her not to worry because I will send money.In my breaktime , I go in a hurry to the nearest LBC to send her money.I am pity to her. The next day I call the GSIS hotline to complain they told me that it has money already.I go to the union bank to confirm if this is really true.It is.I call to the province but until now mother did not get her money because it is wavey and it is difficult for her to travel.I hope the GSIS will give the pensioners money on time because they are old enough to go back ,to follow their money as they need it badly for food and medicine allowance.

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yen said...

i can imagine what your mum has gone through...hope the issue will be resolve soon.