27 August 2009

Shoe Cleaner

I have two white rubber shoes used in going to work.It is my working shoes. I wear it almost everyday.The rubber shoes is grubby at the end of the week.I washed it every week.The cousin told me it will be tear down easily. I do not want to wear shoes with foul odor because my foot sweat and it will have a terrible odor if I remove my socks .In my way home I notice a newly opened store.I drop by to glimpse the stuffs they are selling.The store sold personal care products , cosmetics and various accessories.In the display I saw a foot powder .In the lower part a shoe cleaner, nail polish etc.I bought one piece of foot powder and a set of shoe cleaner.The price is cheaper because it is in opening week.When I arrived home I open the set of shoe cleaner.It contains shoe brush,shoe polish ,liquid shoe polish and a piece of cloth.The liquid shoe polish is for rubber shoes.I use a shoe brush to remove the dust in my shoes then I put a liquid polish.I like the odor of the liquid polish.I put my working shoes under the sun to let the liquid polish dry easily.I remove after an hour.It has a good smell even though I did not washed my shoes in a water.lol.well, I found a quick cleaner.


MarlyMS said...

I like the Milcu foot powder better.

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Lindz said...

good one kasi pag binasa mo ng binasa ang shoes mo madali nga naman masira, your cousin is right, eh pano yung foot powder nag work ba? sa ken hindi yan nag wowork Lumaamoy lao na pag close shoes, but na lang usong uso dito ang thongs or sandals pag summer, pag winter okey lang kasi boots at nakakapag medyas.