27 August 2009

Get a Straw

I watch Ruffa and Ai today when I arrived home.The show is good for everybody.The health tips I get today is to use straw in drinking a coffee.why? because, coffee can cause stain in our teeth.Yes, that is true! I love to drink coffee early in the morning.I notice my tooth even my denture has stain.The doctor advise that bleaching of teeth to remove the stain is not advisable because the tooth become slim and it will broke once it become thinner.well, I do not worry for my denture but for my real tooth.


Joops said...

great idea but the best thing to do is to moderate coffee intake..

Lindz said...

oo nga nakakastain yang coffee sa teeth natin pero kakatawa naman kung mag iistraw kung inom ng coffee eh mainit yun hehehe baka matunaw, gamit na lang ng whitening na toothpaste