26 August 2009

OffLine Atm Machine? No worry

I need cash to send money in the province.I go to the nearest internet cafe to transfer funds online unfortunately the bank system was currently down for maintenance. I decided to withdraw a money in the atm machine.I fall in line in the bank atm machine.It takes me 15 minutes already standing in line.I patiently waited my turn to use the atm machine as my turn come the machine becomes unavailable.There is no more cash in the volt to dispense.whew! I feel upset because parents badly needed the money to buy for medicine.I was sitting down in the bench nears the atm machine waiting until it will be online for cash withdrawal. I heard a woman and her daughter talking about "over the counter".The means to withdraw money from atm card in the bank which the atm account opened.I got an idea from the them but I go to another atm machine unfortunately it was also unavailable.The only atm machine working is Metrobank.I do not want to withdraw money in Metrobank because they will charge me in dollar rate.What a bad luck day!I decided to try "over the counter".I go to the bank branch where the company open our atm account and ask in the information desk.The girl handed me a withdrawal slip form to fill up.She told me to fall in line in the teller to get the money.well, thanks to the two girls!

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Lindz said...

naku minsan kung kelan pa kailangang kailangan eh dun pa lalong nagkakabulilyaso noh, kakairita