25 August 2009

Seamstress Friend

the latest stuff I bought

Home curtains and throw pillow cases is expensive in the mall.In the market along my way home there is a small tailoring which a widow woman sew curtains ,throw pillows case ,dress etc.She also accept order and personalized stuff.The woman is late 50's .She told me to call her "lola" or grandma.The seamstress is living alone.Her two children have already their own lives and they migrated abroad.She told me that " my daughter wanted to get me and live with them together" but I feel I will be living alone because they are always busy working.I miss them a lot,she added.I am close her because I drop by in the tailoring shop if I have time and we chat each other.She always talk to me of her children and grandson. I know she missed them.The friendship started when I buy her often a curtains and dress for mother and father.
Last week, I drop in to buy a new curtain and throw pillow case.By the way, the curtain cost only 80pesos each and 30pesos for the pillow case.isn't it cheaper?The seamstress handed me a piece of shirt with my name in front.She told me that she will move already next month to her daughter .I feel happy about her decision because she is getting old and it is difficult to leave alone.The "lola" will move to canada next month . She is kind and will be remembered by me.I wish her goodluck in her journey.


Joops said...

that is definitely a great deal there.

By the way, I have created a newblog called Sailing through LIFE, if you have time please have a peek on it. Thanks a lot in advance!

Gorgeous MUM said...

Hi! I have no idea if it is hard to migrate here in Australia, documentation-wise. My husband is an Aussie so being here was kind of easy. Why don't you look it up on-line? This is a good place to live in, especially for kids.

Lindz said...

it's nice na she's finally joining her family, I guess you're gonna have to find another mananahi, ang ganda ng gawa nya na nasa pic