25 August 2009

I Enjoy Farming now

I don't play online games. My workmate get crazy of farming.My good friend spend time in planting,watering and harvesting of the farm What is this farm? It is a farm ville and farm town.I am a newbie in face book.My online friend invited me in a farm ville. I explore the farm town.I enjoy playing this online game.How about you guys/ gals? Do you also play farming?This is good for relaxation not for a hobby lol. There are plenty of online games I have search in this website since my workmate play farming so I join farming too.

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Lindz said...

oo mga friends ko din crazy na crazy diyan sa farming na yan sa facebook, they invited me to join with them but I just dont ahv time at the moment, my son tried it but he can't play unless I log him in hehehe, ano facebook mo, invite kita sa list of friends ko ha