25 August 2009

How to Marcot a Plant ?

I bought a marcot kalamansi tree for my garden .I am curious the procedure in marcotting a plant.I read a clip about marcottage or "air- layering".
Here is the procedure :
1.Girdle or strap the stem of a tree usually branch into two cuts 1/2 or 1 inch apart.
2.Peel the bark off between the two cuts leaving the bare stem.
3.Then wrap a peatmoss or potting soil into the cut area holding it in a place with plastic or aluminum foil.
4.Keep the cut area moist and dark so that the roots will begun to grow from the bark at the top of the strap or girdled area
5.Remove all of the bark and begin to heal of the cut area

Trees will tend to form a fibrous root system from air layers rather than typical tap root system.

I will try this procedure in guava tree.


Jonathan said...

Propogation: Guavas can be easily propagated by seed. The seeds will need bottom heat and may take some time to sprout. Guavas are also commonly propagated by marcot (air-layering).


ungok said...

you don't need to marcot a guava tree,I read it somewhere here that a matured branch will just grow if you just stick it into the ground or pot with soil