25 August 2009

Bisaya Garden

The neighbor give us a three big bags of soil in excess of their garden. The cousin ask help from me to bring the soil in the yard.We make our own garden too.We bought pieces of hollow blocks to fence in.The goal of cultivating is to plant something that we can use for cooking our main dish.What is our main dish? It is "tinolang isda" in bisaya and "kinilaw" .I bought a marcot kalamansi or citrus tree.The cousin ask a lemon grass or "tanglad" popular bisayan name in good samaritan gay neighbor.I bought a vine spinach or "alugbati" in the market. The garden is not yet complete.We will have to plant a pepper , malunggay or any green leafy vegetables .If we crave to eat "tinolang isda" it is easy to get ingredients for cooking.Everybody in the house will be responsible to watered the plants daily .I told them that it is an order :-) I want them to grow healthy !

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